• herohiro

    a million tomes better then the original

  • herohiro


  • Mitch 3K

    Remix >>>>>>>>>>>. Original

  • hip hop

  • Jack Bahlzak

    I got this hea! I got this hea! I got thos hea! I got this hea!

  • Ibrahim Kultepe

    not open

  • FTW


    My real name, my rap shit (c)



  • jake

    this is about the you played yourself section….how does it look bad for a young black person to shoot off rounds legally at the gun range?? you’re only supporting the ignorance behind firearms and furthering the stereotype that black people only use them for crime instead of recreational fun. firearms are not dangerous, they are a tool that is safe and will protect the owner when used responsibly. not a big deal whatsoever. i hope they put that picture on the cover. nice to know the youth are getting the chance to properly use guns and safely get acquainted with them.

  • Ya Boy G

    ^i get what you are saying. But no one in their right mind thinks hes learning that for recreational purposes. What he raps about is what he raps about but him being 16a or whatever at a gun tange interviewing about his album n shit is not needed.

  • swag

    the original way better

  • jake

    i would disagree that he’s not learning for recreational purposes…his music sucks and im not a fan but i can’t hate on the kid for shooting at the range or the interviewer for going there. just maybe if they were shooting handguns and acting all gangster about it then it might put off the wrong message but to go shoot a ruger .22 rifle?? thats a white hillbilly gun..what black guy ever did a drive by with one of those? lol no harm done…

  • If shady records were smart, they would hire el-p to produce a few tracks before the album deadline. This is so much better than anything leaked so far.

  • shady

    the fuq is this? 0_o

  • I like the original better but, EL P got heat.he laced killa Mikes RAP album.
    Loch Slaughterhouse Hammer Dance freestyle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=foAGhFRNBh4

  • Black Shady

    this is hot….but i’d rather listen to the original. stop the hate……….
    Hammer Dance is easily the best track they dropped so far off their Shady debut

  • Gaz

    In regards to the interview at the gun range, is this not just a rip off of pacs interview at the gun range back in the day? A lot of young rappers wanna be the next pac

  • PistolPistol

    Better if there was different lyrics.. :/

  • herohiro

    Better if royce had a verse

  • Real Deal

    I like the original better

  • Rodrick

    Remix is far superior to Arab’s cheap, made in 5 minutes Korn sample beat

  • giggidy

    This >>>>>>

  • ECU

    to much repeats the beat is fire though

  • dmc

    so dope

  • Yo I was feelin’ the original but this remix is FIRE!! This is hardbody. EL-P been dope but dude is really poppin’ back off right now. Gratz to dude.

  • deez


  • sellz29

    this shit is wak as fuck why try to fix something if its not broken

  • ironic

    Very different take on the track. I prefer it to the original, but I’m sure there are those who don’t have anything beyond the 2000s as their point of reference. All good