New Video: Sadie Hawkins “Microphone Checka”

Microphone check 1,2 , what is this? A new video from South Carolina’s Sadie Hawkins.  The 80s-inspired video is in support of her latest mixtape, Girl Interrupted which you can download here.

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  • OhThatsyourGirl

    ha niggas thinking their bringing hip hop back by using 90s type beats and old clothing, but she still talking in that same bragodoccio rap style, that all the females be using including nicki, we dont need the beats and the style to go back we need to take it back to when people were actually saying something with somone meaning

  • naww

    lost already: ms jade had an album out called girl interrupted 10 years ago. it was turrible. the movie reference is also way outdated. and this was all BEFORE i pressed play, like damn slick rick would have tears leaking out his eyepatch after hearing this sh…

  • Your mother’s “friend”


  • naww

    somebody’s 3rd or 4th cousin rap

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Cosign ohThatsyourGirl

  • The Truth

    Charlemagnes cousin is on some Mia X bullshit, shit’s wack!!!

  • Bong


    because the 80s had no brag raps?

  • onenutned

    the 80’s were nuttin but brag raps, LL cool J had the girls, Kane had the moneyand girls, Run DMC were the dopest on the mic, where do y’all think braggin rap came from? the 80’s! granted there were intellectual rappers but even back wit’ sugar hill the majority of the shit was I got this… you don’t, I rock don’t, I’m nice.. you not rap.

  • Brandon

    google RedMic…she’s like a TLC meets Nas dope on the mic…no materialist pussy poppin bullshit just strait emcee’ing and she’s beautiful

  • Make this kids dream come true! He’s from Toronto and everyone down here know he’s the one responsible for giving The Weeknd his style. They even interview him on Complex

  • eastpointvet

    this wasnt bad to me. and rap was built on bragging substance came later but bragging has always been a theme in hiphop and always will

  • SADIE keep doing your thing hun!!!! You got where you are by doing hard work…dont stop here…THE world is yours!!!!!

    i love the video!!!!

  • come on man culd she be a lil original this 80s shit is wack we in 2012 lets act like it…bringing real hip hop back or jus recyclin old hip hop

  • The King

    RR doesn’t post relevant emerging or buzzing artists, but posts random lame content like this….I dont get it. Where you find this B.Dot or who paid you to post? LOL. The 80s thing has been done so many times and the record was lame. Im not trying to hate but artists and media outlets BOTH need criticism.

  • jason

    hmm. im with ohThatsyourGirl.

    you want some substance… google dynasty forgive…

    no direspect to shorty right here.. i can dig a good female emcee but she needs to be dope and original, just like the dudes i listen to. the video has a cool concept, but i think the song could have been stronger and more original. but she isnt bad!