New Video: Wiz Khalifa “Bed Rest (Freestyle)”

There’s no days off for Wiz. So with that being said, here’s yet another video from the TGOD. Guess what he’s doing in the majority of the clip? Produced by Sledgren.

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  • ehhh same shit different title

    Wiz aka “the 1 trick horse”

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  • JustMyOpinion

    April Fool’s Day?

  • Wiz sign this kid to Taylor Gang! Make this kids dream come true! He’s from Toronto and everyone down here know he’s the one responsible for giving The Weeknd his style. They even interview him on Complex

  • JD

    i honestly think this nigga breathes WEED and not oxygen

  • Wiz legit at least he a real dude

  • neighbor

    time for a new flow

  • s

    great wiz actually switched that flow. now a change in subject content .. ha

  • Truu

    Yo I fuck with Wiz but this shit was so WACK! Outta space, solar? that don’t even make sense had Wayne said that, there’d be 50 hate comments above me.

  • Boi-1da

    he go hard like 90px, or like big sean?

  • weedhead

    yall dont get it. as a fan who knows wiz i get all the lyrics.. it aint for yall.. its for the taylors, we can relate. oh yeah guess what he #11 spot on rappers forbes list.

  • brl

    This guy is painful.

  • RB

    0:50-1:03 sound like lil b chill out wiz

  • Cam

    What is Wiz going too talk about beside Weed & Partying, that were going to accept from him ? Oh exactly, nothing. So shut up with all the “He needs too change up his flow & Subject matter”… He caters too a certain crowd.. He raps about his actual life & the shit he actually does, him & Curren$y are modern day hippies, rapping about the shit that they do daily..They’re not trying too be nobody but themselves.

    but you “REAL HIPHOP FANS” always say yall want “REAL” but as soon as it slaps you in the face, you hate.. Shut up.

  • bitch.bad.woman.good

    his flow is so weak, ooh
    what the fuck was he thinkin, ooh