B.o.B. “The Backroom” Freestyle

Don’t get it twisted. Bobby Ray got bars too. And he showcases them for this week’s 106 & Park‘s freestyle series. Hallelujah boy!

Previously: Swizz Beatz

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  • JustMyOpinion

    You lost me at “106 & Park‘s.”

  • Jack Bahlzak

    Frank Oceans new single “The Backdoor” coming soon

  • DJAR

    he killed this shit, got that niceee flow mayn!

  • Truu

    @JustMyOpinion yet you fell the need to type a 29 character comment. Smh

    Bob crashed that freestyle though.

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ Yet you feel the need to count characters. S M H
    There’s B.O.B the rapper THEN B.O.B the pop artist. He has to PICK one.

  • ^ Why does he have to pick one?? You really expect someone as talented as B.o.B to stick to one genre?? He raps, sings, plays guitar, piano, bass, trumpet, AND produces. ASAP Rocky was right—-hip-hop probably has the most close-minded fans.

  • *** Closed

  • BOB Sold Out

    I agree with the dude above, B.o.B. had it on lock with his first mixtapes/album. This freestyle reminds me of those days. I listened to strange clouds on iTunes and literally laughed my ass off at how gay it sounds. I used to be a fan but he does not even compare to when he used to sing and rap in harmony which was the dopest part about Bobby Ray. Now its just POPPY SHIT, I mean Taylor Swift is hot but her music is garbage and that is too much of a genre bend. I’m sure he slayed Taylor which I have nothing but respect for, but go back to the tracks that sound really unique like nothing else with singing and rapping and leave these poppy hollywood suckers in the dust. I LOVED the first album and tapes, didn’t even think twice about buying strange clouds because my ears recognize bullshit. I’m not a hater I just know what all these guys are doing, letting the fame cloud their judgement and its sad. Hip Hop is dead except for a few great ones still left, I would love to see him battle eminem, royce, or yelawolf. Fool would walk off the stage crying.

  • mrzee

    go listen to some tupac and stop complaining ^

    music is not the same as it was and will never be. his collab with taylor swift was good music like eminem and most of his last pop calabs on recovery.

    b.o.b has shown he is a great rapper already but he is also a musician and not just a rapper.

  • @mrzee – THANK YOU!! The only difference between his albums and mixtapes is the features. He’s the same artist and he was NEVER just a rapper. Musically, he’s so far ahead of other artists, and he can rap circles around most.

  • Jay Loan

    Why must an artist stick to one genre… Even some of people most beloved artist have made what some would consider Pop…

  • Brendan74

    What would have happened if Andre 3000 stuck to one genre? I agree that he’s gotten softer but he’s already proved himself..Generation Lost, May 25, B.o.B vs Bobby Ray mixtapes are all awesome. He’s gonna have a long career and have plenty of time to get back on track..

  • Black Shady

    this the BoB I fuckz with. All that other noise….not really

  • JustMyOpinion

    @ Brendan74

    When did Andre 3000 switch genres southerplayercadillacmusic (no typo) has the same Andre 3000 as ‘I chose you’ where UGK is featured.

  • queensgetthemoney

    but when your one of the best in one genre why move to others

  • Dont Cry Buck

    Right, you guys want Bob to stay in one genre so that you can tire of him when he gets “too big” after a few years. Uh uh, he’s doing a great thing by exploring his creative talent and growing as an artist. He demonstrates his freestyle talents fairly well with this flow here. Well done BOB.

    If your one of the best at one thing, why not build your talents in other ‘genres’ as well. Hey, it’s music people.

    Bonus Ether:
    You don’t only do missionary style do ya?

  • @MrRight516
  • ualreadyknoo

    if i goto another blog and this shit starts playing…….

  • Brendan74

    @JustMyOpinion I never said he switched, I said he didn’t stick to the one genre. The Love Below?

  • Nacht

    B.o.b killed this, He is one of the future/present of hip hop, end of discussion.

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