New Video: Wax “Rosana”

Wax has his hands full with Rosana in his new video. The sexual innuendos and mariachi band really bring this clip to life. If you like what you hear, download it on iTunes.

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  • Da

    haHA! very entertaining video. well done

  • DJ Game

    Why is he signed?

  • Truu

    This video is dope, the hook reminds me of an old popular back in the day song but I can’t seem to remember which song exactly.

  • Fuckin awesome.

  • jerod tereshka

    he is signed because he is dope and it will expand his audience, he’s still the same Wax we all know and love. Plus it is really difficult ( from what I imagine) to do all of that yourself plus make good music on a consistent basis. I would venture to guess that it gives him alot more time for writing and making songs

  • Wax this guy should be producing for you! not sure if he has Facebook but his Twitter is

  • stacks

    Big Wax! dude is the truth.

  • kriz

    Chick hot song not

  • dopeaom

    Damn fine song

  • lol that was dope, funny we missing the humor part of Hip Hip. remember Biz Markie, Fresh Prince. everybody too serious
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