DMX Hospitalized From ATV Accident


TMZ reports that DMX suffered a concussion this morning at his SC home when he lost control of his four-wheeler. While riding down a hill, he flipped over and landed on his ass. What a rough rider.

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  • baous

    “What a rough rider.” I see what you did there


    Livin it up man thats the way to go haha rather this than getting copped for a gun in your backpack

  • onanigga

    Let me guess. It was the illuminati’s fault.

  • hxxvaz

    Now his album can come out

  • Black Shady

    X and Buck are two unlucky ass niggaz man

  • germ

    Only real niggas pose for a pic while in a hospital bed

  • DBS

    A four-wheeler is a bike now?

  • hxxvaz


    A four-wheeler is a bike now?

    If your on drugs like DMX, the answer is yes

  • Realniggashit

    This mean the album is coming soon

  • @gtfomike

    @ realniggashit

    yeah, 50 Cent’s and DMX’ accidents though… ahahahaah’

  • Kali



  • “your an idiot” “it’s spelt ‘you’re’ you idiot”

    damn dmx and his bullshit

  • sincurr

    I hope he gets better, but damn that tweet made me lmao

  • Truu

    Get well soon X.

  • Dmx and vehicles don’t go together if its not drivers licence issues then its dogs and drug lol

    happen to the dmx with good music GET WELL SONG

  • I have a feeling his album will be pushed back to the 4th quarter of this year he will be in competition maybe after ludaversal?

  • Cruel Thing

    At least this ain’t like Rick Ross’s fatass having a heart attack…

  • moreffa

    that nigga all cracked out on 4 wheel

  • deez

    the realest to ever do it…

  • PusolPisol

    X! Grrrrrrr



  • Blaxdon

    The fuckk is goin’ on???!!! Beanie Sigel, Young Buck, Now even Dmx niggaz being taken out man

  • Lil Weezy Fuckin’ Baby In The Bootyhole..

    dude just fell off an atv, he chillen he’ll b good in a matter of weeks, my boy fell off got stiches lost teeth and a broken ribs along with a torn acl, that was real bad, and lasted 6 -7 weeks , he looks like he chillen tho..

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  • Mr.West
  • lowendtheory

    “they shoulda never gave ya’ll niggas money!”

  • Young lucci fan base

    That nigga look high off that oxy,purk and Vicatin!! And that other shit they pump right in your veins the shit mike Tyson used to get high of uv when he was using?

  • The Son Of X_Tebogo