• zeee

    go nicki. with your sexy ass.

  • CK

    she’ll never be remembered, she’s going to be so easily forgotten. She had one verse that made her career. She’s now a slag that just has money to buy pop hit producers. GTFO

  • Nick Minaj is beautiful and Jay Leno my favorite anchor.

  • urrrr

    who care about this white girl

  • Not Anonymous

    ^Unless she was completely naked.

  • you silly negros

    For all the fools that talk that Nikki is a pop artist shit don’t realize the formula any artist with common sense knows this, Eminem, Jay Z Kanye do it, just listen to the lyrics from Jay-z on the bounce from the Blueprint 2, that pop shit sells the album in the long run, how many hip hop artist get to go on Leno or Letterman to do an interview besides Jay-z Kanye Eminem fuck what yall bloggin ass niggas think if I was Nikki I would keep doing the same thing none of you gonna pay her if she goes broke doing strictly hip hop songs, why you don’t see Jadakiss touring overseas or doing these types of interviews because that nigga doesn’t get it after being out since Biggie was alive, talking about the hawk this the hawk that smoke the kush,piff, and all that other bullshit he raps about.

    Jay -z lyrics below

    “They only know what the single is, and singled that out
    to be the meaning of what he is about
    And bein I’m about my business, not minglin much
    runnin my mouth, that shit kept lingerin
    But no dummy, that’s the shit I’m sprinklin,
    The album with to keep the registers ringin”

  • Musikal

    Nicki looking sexy as hell. Her body is banging.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    its the trash lady

  • Truu

    This chick is getting Ice age money while yall in yo momma’s basement hatin.

  • Dont Cry Buck

    Nicki’s a beautiful black woman, and those hips don’t lie. iconic status, unstoppable talent and brains.

    I wonder what you smart dumb folks attain from typing hateful words toward successful people who will never bother to read them off this portal called rapradar

  • M.T

    good interview.

  • @you silly negroes Church. Preach. Amen.

  • slick

    i wish she took that big feather thing off her ass i couldn’t see nothing

  • @ You silly negroes

    Hov also said

    “I ain’t crossover I brought the Suburbs to the Hood.”

    I don’t knock her for it because I never viewed her as some Hip hop super lyricist anyway, but she made a blatant move to Pop. And that’s cool, but everybody’s not going to feel Starships, and shouldn’t have to.

  • Nathanial Hörnblowér

    That performance would kill it on Carnival Cruise Lines, on my block we laugh. Get back to rap ya doin the Conga too much.

  • IIG

    Looking on point. Gotta love the crossed legs.

  • @gtfomike

    nicki is on jay leno to promote her album but el-p isn’t with cancer 4 cure that’s that shit i don’t like…..

  • King Mathers

    i want the upper half of her body. the bottom half is cottage cheese and i don’t like all that pillsbury dough shit.

  • Drock

    Aaaaaand I’m gonna go listen to Azealia Banks.

  • Minaj A Gayne

    How big is Lil Gayne’s dick, Dicki?

  • R

    She is Silicone built! Fake Everythang oh and Fake Tits taste funny doe!!!

  • Geez

    Funny how people have been saying the same hater comments about her last year.