Busta Rhymes & Charlie Brown Reconcile

It’s been almost 20 years since Busta Rhymes and former Leaders Of The New School member Charlie Brown spoke. But last night at the annual Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival, he confirmed with YN that they finally buried the hatchet. That’s love the BK way!

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    If You know who YN is…and you should..here’s his site…with some GREAT news!

  • B-LO

    B.Dot you a fool for that song. HA!

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  • reunited

    Peaches and Herb

    which one is a herb… oh my bad Charlemagne is.

  • JustMyOpinion

    Ha @ reunited song.

    See this is the problem with rappers, they beef for so long, by the time they “make-up” no one cares. I don’t care, how cool you once were, that chemistry (musically) can’t find its way back. No? I bet a Mobb Deep record will never sound the same again.

  • B. Dot Stupid With That Song Yo LMAO

  • Dont Cry Buck

    had no ideas Busta and Chris Brown has problems. Nevertheless, ‘look at them now’ ! (this was a joke)

  • How Wonderful…

    They hated each other since the recording of thier first two albums..better late than never.

  • Eden

    Charlie Brown. Not Chris Brown fool.

  • Hannibal Lecture

    Busta was gone whup his on Yo MTV Raps!

  • NickeyNegrito

    Well thats cool. I remember LONS use to rip stages and Busta went solo and ripped mo stages, then cut his dreads and lost the power. But he still my dude.