New Music: L.E.P. Bogus Boys “Benjamin Franklin”

We’ve got a few previews live, but DJ Moon Dawg premiered the official mp3 during last night’s mix on WGCI. Can’t tell us this shit ain’t poppin’. Don’t Feed Da Killaz 4 coming soon. Radio rip for now.

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  • Catalyst

    Heard this beat somewer!!

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  • Berklee

    ^Where’s the soul in music being made like that?

  • Berklee

    This record is basura, btw.

  • Garbage Nice try. Better luck on the next one.

  • Victor Von DOOM

    I listen to this for 55seconds…..I don’t get the hype behind these guys.

    There is no artist right now that STANDS OUT musically in rap from Chicago,Truth hurts.All these niggas sound the same.

  • JChrome

    last LEP song: Showtime (jacked Busta’s ‘King Tut’ Jahlil beat)
    this LEP song: Ben Frank (jacked Bank’s ‘Jackpot’ Jahlil beat)

  • LEP=Mobb Deep

    this song is aiight, nothin special but with that being said…..
    I feel like LEP is Chicago’s and this era’s version Mobb Deep…..atleast thats the vibe I get from them.
    I dug most of the music they’ve dropped so far

  • Kenny Gs3

    i dont understand why L.e.p continues to dissapoint with these non-melodic 808 bass heavy no melody having ass beats .. cut it out … like … what turnt me on to these niggas was that diverse ass production they had from a bunch of new producers on DFK3 .. haven’t heard a tape like that in fucking forever ..they last project was fucking DOO-DOOO!!! … couple nice joints up there like faces and a few Justice legaue beats .. but as a whole the shit was sub standard .. now they release this on this average ass beat …

    someone get DASH on the phone and have him explain why these niggas aint rocking over some soulful type shit … or just musical production in general .. Wheres that lust for life pt.2 thats my fucking shit .. them luxary beats + l.e.p. = Classik EVERY time .. frontline,ginger,lust for life,darkness,goin in for the kill .. THESE ARE THE FUCKING RECORDS That had me at the L.E.P. Nipple.. shit was differnt and the production wasn’t all worn out .. and shit just had a new sound to it .. DFK4 better not dissapoint .. get that production back to them DFK3 levels, cause these niggas dropped the ball on now or neva ….

  • Truth Will Out

    Young kid outta Boston made made an identical song last month. Things these nicas jacked his shit. This is fucked up/

  • justp94

    The beat is….
    Lloyd Banks – Jackpot

  • LEP this kid needs to be producing for you!! SMH, damn shame why he doesnt have placements yet

  • elementzemcee

    @Victor Von

    check me out

    Chicago Hip Hop!