On The Set: DJ Khaled Ft. Rick Ross x Kanye West “I Wish You Would”

Wish you would tell Khaled he can’t make another movie. Today, Khaled, Rozay, Ye and director Hype Williams began filming the video for their latest track. More flicks from the set below.

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  • wizsucks

    Kanye dress like a faggot

  • Dont Cry Buck

    Dope quality music. Excited to se what Hype brought, with his’ thinking cap’ there

  • Boo Rab

    Wheres Ross?

  • NoSoup4Yu


  • Dont Cry Buck

    @wizsucks, No faggots dress like Kanye. Also, don’t use such hateful language, brother. Look up the origins of some of these derogatory terms in your vernacular.

  • Black Shady

    too bad the song aint even good

    shouts to Ye tho!


    What the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! Lol I woulda never expected this whack ass track to get a video. Guess Yeezy verses too damn expensive, damn. DDDDDDDJ KHALED


    Damn I just can’t stand khaled. I don’t usually hate. nigga is gettin bread but dude is mad annoying. He basically takes credit for production and all that shit and even acts like he’s writing the verses for people. You yell straight up “DJ KHALED!!!!!!” He’s more a a&r than an artist.

  • bold

    It’s amazing that Hype STILL coasts by on his name alone, and his videos are hot trash. They seem to get worse with time, too.

  • BRu

    Ehhh, records sucks, beat sucks, bars suck…now that new Nas >>>>

  • Mark

    Kanye looks like he’s just realized who hes working with.

  • “Kanye dress like a faggot”. Ha! His clothes cost more than your car.

  • Fuck Kanye West

    These nerds/fat asses are gay as shit.

  • Opportunities are over

    Kanye is looking so edgy with those chipmunk cheeks. Give someone else a break, douche. I’m saddened by how many love the overexposed fuckface.

  • Why should I give out my name?

    What’s the point of making videos these days? The whole music industry is ineffective. All of these fools are too goddamn old to be fuckin’ cool anyways. SIGN NEW PEOPLE OR SOMETHING! Jesus Christ. Back in the day, Everyone trending was young.

  • deWayneWayne

    ^^ ya’ll sound angry as fuck. But on another note: record does kinda suck tho, wish he would’ve made a video for theraflu (too cold), trying to give Ross the much needed shine i guess

  • Cruel Thing

    So that’s where Ye and Hit Boy were at during Jay-Z Interview

  • dee

    niggas stay hating shit is pathetic @dewayne bitch its two people on the track but you wanna single out ross like hes the only one getting shine and why yall soo concerned about how kanye dress? yall sucking his dick or some shit? shoutout to dj khaled making money off nothing respect

  • Me

    @Wizsucks I feel what your saying but apparently everyone’s so sensitive about the F word so to be politically correct just say “Ye is dressing like a (Frank Ocean) it’s da same thing

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  • Kanye this kid needs to be producing for you!! SMH, damn shame why he doesnt have placements yet http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFpyOLgfWeY

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  • Berklee

    KAnye looks old.