DJ Skee Interviews Yelawolf

Still frustrated with his label, Yela hit the Skee Lodge. He shares advice for artists, talks working with Big Boi and upcoming projects including Trunk Muzik Returns and Country Cousins with Big K.R.I.T.

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  • Lil Weezy Fuckin’ Baby In The Bootyhole..

    you country bumpkin ass muthafucka, you aint appreciative of the fact that marshall even had your garbage frickity frack album the fuck out??!lmao you’re unsatisfied with your situation but had it been another label you’re album wouldnt have ever even seen the shelves, hillbilly badmouthing the dudes who even gave him a chance, im sure there weren’t no bidding wars over this guy exactly lmao..what kind of appeal does this guy really think he has to the rest of america??let alone in europe lmao, doing projects with dudes in london…

  • Lil Weezy Fuckin’ Baby In The Bootyhole..

    you’re upset with promotion, but realistically none of your videos are songs remotely worthy of radio play, like lets roll isn’t even something i would ever want to play in my car let alone at a racetrack or somethin..

  • djdoit

    radioactive was shit. just sayin. i remeber trunk muzik. it was dope. everyone was looking at yela. just my opinion, eminem didnt know what he was doing. every artist he signed was black and always caught riff from ppl. asher wouldnt fit and neither would mac miller or macklemore. every other white artist still relevent has basically shot words at one time or another. it was a rebuild move to bring in a different core of fans to start shady 2.0. sorry yela! not working. go back to mixtape trappin and grind. we liked you better that way! oh, and stop with the fucking tattoos. we get it! your bad ass….but last album sales and current b.s. with better white rappers, you may need that untattooed skin to get a 9-5. just sayin

  • djdoit

    maybe krit can bring that ass back to earth.


    YO Big Homie
    I know you fucked up the title on that trunk muzik returns but man you need to send that album title to TIP quick. Trap Muzik Returns sounds kinda dope.

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ four people that do not understand how the industry works. I am not a rapper, producer, a&r or a manager. I am just a fan of this thing called rap-that is VERY rare nowadays-to be a fan-alone.

    Yelawolf said it best, yo do not need a major label to promote you. And anyone that doesn’t understand that doesn’t have a basic DSL modem. Eminem could sign him, but the staff at the label and promotion may not be the best. No one knows his situation better than he does. Getting signed to a label IS the beginning of your music career the rest is on you. Don’t think so? Why you think there’s 360 deals now? You do all the work, so why not work for yourself (take notes: “aspiring rappers”). Look at Killer Mike, and the BEST example of ALL time Tech N9NE.

  • H

    Who cares about Yela . His music is boring . He doesnt have that IT factor like EMINEM did . No one cares about his music . GO AWAY . You SUCK .

  • ^^^^ smh this guy. Yela is dope. enough said.

  • deez

    agree @H 10000000000% its also just barely comprehensible too, its annoying as fuck too not to mention..

  • Jim

    Yelawolf should have signed with Big Boi…thats your lane “you aint no dj” was dope trunk muzik was sick…then you get to shady and its a wrap. Eminem is not gonna let you be the next dopest white boy and being under his umbrella you will never get or feel the sunlight because you represent a different type of struggle, maybe Chris Webby would pop under Marshal’s rule….YOU GET IT!!

  • PistolPistol

    Just caught onto thos dude w creekwater album..Yela can fuckin rap and write… Any of you complaining must be ignant and can’t relate to his life stories?? Just saying… Em was angry and white teen from a broken home. Not that hard to relate to nowadays..
    Yelawolf rips shit andes heads in the game have been on tracks w him. Fuck outta here. If he wasn’t dope he would not have got signed period.
    Go bump his old shit and stop bitching.
    Keep it yeller!!!

  • deez

    wtf is dissing your label gonna do for you, lol its only making them look weaker and your part of their team, and therefore it only makes your campaign appear to be weaker..

  • ALEX

    ya’ll must not be listening to the same yelawolf that I’ve listened to. Yelawolf is more lyrical than most rappers out now. Too many people don’t “listen to rap, they just skim through it.” Ya’ll are crazy. And he’s frustrated because he gave them an album of all radio singles and they only gave him one single. He’s not upset with Shady, he’s upset with Interscope. Get ya’ll facts right.

  • gregg

    Tell yelawolf stop complaining like a bitch . His music didn’t sell cause he just didn’t appeal to most people.stop whining and go grind . I never was feeling yela

  • King Chandler

    You can tell he’s walkin on eggshells and doesn’t want to piss Em off, always making sure he says “Interscope” and not Shady, you know damn well he’s mad at Shady too but he doesn’t want to burn that bridge. He just looks fuckin miserable in his latest interviews. Give it 2 weeks to a month before you read the headline saying “Yelawolf released from Shady Records”, then they will interview Yela and he will say how him and Em just decided it would be best to part ways respectfully, how there’s no bad blood at all and he’s thankful for everything, blah blah blah.

  • Prophet

    Yelawolf made a mistake by signing with Shady/Interscope to begin with. Name the last rapper that Interscope established post Em/50/Game? You’d have a hard time doing so. Yela had a great project in Trunk Muzik that finally got him noticed. Having seen him in person, he can move a crowd, so he has the charisma. I’m hoping he does get dropped so that he can go back to his mixtape roots and succeed in that lane. Look at Big KRIT, his major debut bricked. He’s another one that doesn’t belong on a major.

  • deez

    @kingchandler i was thinking the exact same thing, dude was about to say shit then would take a lookback at the camera then back at skee and continue his sentence, lmao he muzzled for sure all these artists r…

  • deez

    i think eminem should have like a black co-representative, therefore any follies that may occur with singles, leaks, etc, you could just say “oh it was fucking mr.porter’s fault” cuz everyone thinks that eminem makes the decisions, which most of the decisions made he has some input and dre and jimmy have that final input and make the decision..but at the end of the day its his label that looks the weakest, right now aftermath looks real promising with the tde shit, and now they tryna collaborate, dre that’s some stupid shit its gonna sound awful..and its gonna make people start further comparing the groups even though they are nothing alike..

  • deez

    everyone on that whole label is pissed off at each other u can tell, eminem and dre w 50, yelawolf w shady/interscope, machine gun kelly w interscope, 50 cent w interscope (but has since been forced to apologize), 50 cent w lloyd banks, 50 w game, and game w interscope…lmao that whole label is fucked..

  • deez

    i mean they got like lady gaga and shit but still, rapwise theyre fucked..