• mmg

    my arab boy looking swaggy as usual

  • Grits N Gravy

    ughhhh. huge 40 fan, but this is not a remix that needs to happen… at least not with this uninspired cast of characters
    HAHAAA! jeezy nometombout? im in a-town (AYYYYY!) im in oak-town (CHEAA!)
    GIRL! I’ma make you func-shayyyyyynnn
    up in harlem, do like diddy do dawwggg, now im in oakland, e-40 run the city dawgggg
    *and to wrap it up, red cafe spits a verse that no one anywhere remembers a single word to*

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  • The most random lineup


    fuck young gaazy…ATL BABY

  • B.X


  • Scrilla

    Jeezy and French Montana on the same track, oh shit Officer Ricky is raging!!

  • okee

  • @ Scrilla lmao

  • Miya

    jeezy dont look happy around this french montana guy lmfaoooooooo yep yep rick ross is raging

  • smh

    Jeezy the only real nigga there