Remy Ma Calls Funkmaster Flex

Rumors circulated today that Remy Ma had passed away. Currently serving eight years at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, she called Flex this evening to address the rumors, day-to-day life and return home.

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  • I didnt hear any rumor like that at all.

  • Lostprodigy

    I’m getting old seems like she just left although I haven’t been watching the clock a half a decade already damn.

  • Victor Von DOOM

    How many years she got left?

  • Dante

    dude in the back looks like a older domo genesis

  • F.I.V.E.

    Why is she even in prison?

  • abrooklyn

    shes in prison for shooting some girl for stealing her money.

  • How wonderful..

    No one cares. It’s amazing how we are expected to be concerned with rappers getting locked up. Most rappers out here are making more bread than average citizens, yet still find thier way into the prison system. Remy ma is not missed, no one payed her any mind when she was free in society. No one misses her but her family. The rap world doesnt care and DJ’s need to stop fronting like they are concerned because they dont want Papoose or Kay Slay coming for them.

  • ww1

    This track crazy. earl is that nigga.

  • JD

    LMAO at Remy Ma shot at Charlarmagne saying that she will get Flex a “Drop” once she get out….since Charlarmagne just got jump outside power105 studios and the guys asked him for a “drop” before they try to attack him. The funny thing is why Dot and YN have not posted that video?????

  • I wanna drop Remy Ma too!!!

  • Itz Yourz

    That is what was circulating? Never heard of the shit. Nice to see she anit change…smh

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  • Jane Doe

    Remy had a lot of potential but it maybe over for her when she does comes home. I would love to see a lot of new female rappers, so that Dick sucking lesbian bitch Nicki Minaj can disappear for good.


    so in 22 months u gettin out?? YUP!!! … deez niggaz actin like 22 months is next summer…try the summer after that…matter fact try….Christmas of 2014 ….SMH

  • Da Truttthhhhhhhh

    yo she is washed upped and so is papoose. Niggas never heard of any rumors, they just making shit up for this stupid chick. Remy was nice with rhymes but she was garbage with using her mind.
    Look what she got her self into, truthfully if she shot my sister or moms or whatever, Niggas would be looking for her when she get out on some payback shit. so on that note, negative brings nothing but negative. Remy is another street nigger thats how the new age and new world order looks at it.