• chilleymost

    this nigga just blew up the spot,,,,,real hustlers dont reveal shit!,,,,now if another nigga need to hit a lick,,,like that,,,the c cipher punks..gonna be all on it,,,,,,damn this rap cats,,,,niggas,,,reveal entirely too much,,,,,da fuck!!!!

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    I don’t believe this nigga

  • aaaaannnndddd…420!

    what’s the 1st beat?

  • chitownfinest

    FYI -EVERYBODY HUSTLED. Theres different levels. even if u did it on a big time level, which we all know this bozo didnt, you dont indict ya self… fake street nigga

  • Bro.NoShame

    The first song is Trigger the Gambler My Crew Cant Go For that, it was on the Nutty Professor soundtrack.

  • believe em

    i know em personally…he doesn’t fake shit…thats why he’s getting approval from insiders like sway. all this is w/o label support. think about it.

  • sean

    dude has a dope voice. Flow is pretty good, content I can’t relate to…

  • P

    This nigga is soooo corny… why did I even listen….