• nigga stage prescence is soo whack, maybe he just isnt ready cuz he inerviews bad too

  • White Dude

    I was there, had no idea what happeded. AraabMuzik was killin it and then this dude came on and the hole place went silent. By the end of his 500th “Sh.T i dont like” verse, THE PLACE WAS EMPTY. And then they played another song!!! Totally wack. How did this clown get a big staage over Schoolboy q…

  • LOL

    the place was not empty you a lie

  • Learn2Read

    Place was going crazy for AraabMUZIK and when chief keef came on majority of people that were there for Araab were going buck.

  • lil b


    HERE WE GO !!! Waka > Gucci > MGK > lil b > soulja boy > chief keef

  • really23

    @White Dude

    Schoolboy rap better than Chief Keef, but Chief Keef can rap and he has a popular record… Q gotta make a hit record.

  • Steve

    lol at the white guys screamin’ BANG BANG!

  • White Dude

    @really23 Thats a good point. Keef is pretty hyped right now, school boy is not.

    His set was lame, repetetive and lacking energy. They played his 2 songs (all I heard was the record playing not his actuall vocals, not sure if his mic broke?), he bopped along in a polo and the crowd left or stood disinterested with the exception of the 50 people in the front surrounding the guy who videoed this.
    Invest some of that record advance into “Rock the crowd 101” or something. That performance left me with a bad impression.