Frank Ocean Debuts High On Charts

A week after the digital release of Frank Ocean’s solo debut Channel Orange, HDD estimates that the album sold 130, 945 copies. With the tangible version in stores today, expect the number to increase by next week. Official tally tomorrow.

UPDATE: #2 On Billboard with 131,000 copies.

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  • Birdham

    Gay buzz work as well

  • Scrilla

    If he haven’t came out the closet that album would F F F FLOPPP

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  • Nathaniel

    damn, my nigga did damn near 131,000 off digital alone? he mighta cracked #1 had it been released in stores at the same time.

    anyway, album deserves a grammy, & his penmanship is unmatched.

  • Nathaniel

    and i wonder who the fuck zac brown band is… sneak attack.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Good for him. Now what about that MMG VOL 2?

  • Kali


    a lil over 18k 3rd week

  • WestCoast

    so gays support him

  • M.T

    Congrats to Frank Ocean. Dude made a great album and deserved to do these numbers.

  • Swaggy

    He woulda definately had number 1 if he released physical

    Its kinda sick tho how its not a number one album makes it more exclusive so if i guess earth still exists like when i’m 40 ill pull this bitch out and feel like the shit

  • Frank ocean

    Thank you gay people (zoomzoomdad-otis) for supporting me. I would have flopped if it wasnt for me coming out.

  • Real Talk.

    Marketing went from Sex sells to Gay sells…in other news, how come MMG’s first week sales didn’t get a post? I mean considering the fact that they run this site and they’re untouchable I was expecting high numbers for SM2.

  • publicity stunt

  • BlackAnastasia

    Can’t take booty bandits seriously,especially when niggas do shit like announcing there gay just to sell a damn record.That’s no different than selling your soul.Can’t believe this nigga is from my hometown with this Sodomite bullshit!

  • Mag

    Frankie doin Chris Brown numbers with just digital sales. Very impressive.

  • strongisland


  • Mag

    Shit outdid Usher’s 128k first week sales from last month too.


    he hits the charts @ #2. NUMBER 2. pause. lol

  • kpamma

    i guarantee you that the numbers will not increase. 130 thousand is the most this album will ever do. not sure why thinks those numbers will increase just because the physical copy hits stores. first of all target isnt even carrying it because they are mad that they brought out the digital copy first.

  • JustMyOpinion

    @ Nathaniel I was thinking the same: Who is Zac Brown Band?

  • kpamma

    i agree with miguel, i dont even think frank ocean is gay, and if he is, why wait until the week before your album drops to let the world know? that doesnt sound just a lil supsect to you guys in the media? but no, the media eats it up and jumps on the gay bandwagon just cause its now cool to be gay. this is hilarious.

  • therealisback

    Since when is selling 100k not a flop


    album rocks my world, no anderson cooper

  • The classic albums in history have never been number 1 albums
    So it doesnt mean anything to a artist like frank ocean
    He doesnt have a video or song in radio
    Obviously he did just so his music can be out there for his fans

  • Jack Bahlzak

    His marketing scheme worked. I applaud him her whutever he wants to consider himself basically becuz nowadayz records aint sellin so u gotta do anything to generate intrest. Good work Frankie..Ur still a fag tho…

    That iz all…

  • emdee

    Half of those were scooped up by gay pride groups, the other half by the fruits themselves

  • @Kpamma
    He is…why say something like that and not be real
    Would the world have listened to his first album
    If he said he was gay first
    A lot of people would of looked at his music differenty
    And last he ha song for guys in the album so it was gonna come out anyways
    Might as well let it benefit you

  • Victor Von DOOM

    Y’all niggas mad as hell Frank Ocean album sold good numbers hahaha

  • Your a gangsta ? We dint belive you
    Your gay ? We dont beleive you
    Thats the world we live in lmao

  • Mag

    The only reason he posted the letter up before the album came out is because a blogger blew up his spot. Has it even been two weeks? Y’all got goldfish memory, I swear.


    I’m sure the “Gay thing” helped his sales a good bit…but c’mon guys…the dude was on fire way before that announcement. We forgot in seconds flat that the day before regular ppl was bumpin his shit gay and straight. Can’t sit back and watch ppl strip away a niggas hard work, for a factor that honestly dosen’t have anything to do with music.

    – Support the movement, bless up.

  • Zac Brown Band

    Frank Ocean touched me in my special area.
    I knew those gay love songs where no match for my music.
    Channel Orange is what I call a shit after a bag of cheezies.

  • M.T

    To the people who are wondering why he came out near the release date. It’s because during the listening sessions, niggas were wondering why he was talking about men on his album. So in order to end the confusion and gossip, he came out. Whether or not its reason he debuted this high makes no difference really because Frank Ocean had was being hyped prior to him coming out and would have done fine salewise anyways.

  • kpamma

    @… you very well may be right. he might be an authentic homosexual, and he may have had less listeners listen to nostalgic ultra had he come out earlier. but at the end of the day, he misled us in his art. to me art is very personal, and coming out the closet a week before your first retail album drops just rubs me the wrong way. it feels like a gimmick.

  • dee

    zoom zoom hop off mmg dick faggot you must work for cte and wtf america is too gay now smh if he didnt “come out of the closet” he shit would sell like 50k

  • nasty!

    I bought nas album today ! He’s going number 1 not this faggot ass frank ocean..frank likes ballpark franks up his ass 🙂


    #2 lol

  • Jacob

    @M.T that’s what I was gonna say, he was only doing it because rumors were going around

  • yo

    what the fuck. why not just say “frank ocean debuts at number 2 on the charts”. “frank ocean debuts high on the charts” is not a headline that a serious source of news wants to put as a headline. thats like AP putting a headline that says “Obama wins an election.”

  • s

    frank killin

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @dee. Why are you so angry? You weren’t hugged enough as a child?

  • why is no one talking about MMG V2 sales


  • Cam

    He was bound too do great numbers prior too him coming out… I think coming out help his sells. but so HIS MUSIC IS SO DAMN UNDENIABLE. You can’t hate on the man. He’s killin it.

  • Black Shady

    gay people buy albums

  • past

    high hah fucking 2.not a fan and yeah the ” oh i´m gay ,cry me a river “shit helped him .why people have the need to say that they are gay?i´m waiting letters from rappers saying that they´re straight.straight pride ?hah

  • tucq

    Coming out alone didn’t help his sales. It didn’t work for Lil B.

    The music must be good.

  • kpamma

    lil b did not come out the closet. tucq is a liar! a liar i tell you!

  • Ele

    not hight at all -.-

  • CLEF


  • kpamma

    why are we discussing how many numbers self made 2 and comp albums did?

  • Roachjuice

    whos gay’er rick ross or this ocean character? never listened to oceans albums but i do know there both fake as fuck

  • kpamma

    @roachjuice. they are also both liars. it took them both to admit the truth. with ross it was being a correction officer, with ocean it was the fact that he was gay, or bi.

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  • Drock

    Gay people like me buy albums
    because gay people like me have good jobs
    because gay people are smarter than straight people on the whole
    because when people hate you for no reason
    you have to get wise to survive.
    Black people on the whole are smarter than white people because they
    experienced oppression, they know the reality. 93% of black people voted for Obama, that is not because hes (half) black. Its because they weren’t dumb enough to vote against their own interests.
    When you have an oppressor you wise up.
    When you don’t have the same rights as other people you wise up to get them.
    so talk all the shit you want.
    We gone have our rights and in twenty years you gonna look stupider and more backward than you are today.

  • R

    The Gay generation is taking over and ellio

    The gay generation is taking over and Elliot and raparadar loves it fucking fags!!!!


    # 2

  • Miya


  • niggasiswack

    this is not hip hop.