• Flex has an instigator’s laugh. Fitting.

  • deez

    i can’t believe what this guy did to his career…one hot album every ten year average, shit was true..

  • Foekist

    It amazes me Flex has a job. He is such a knob!

  • Stevie J’s facial expressions

    between the IRS and child support good thing he gets them gettin jiggy with it checks.

  • Peekay

    Noone can take Flex seriously. Between his bomb drops and his laughing, he’s a clown.

    Nas is at another level right now.

  • Stevie J’s facial expressions

    50 cent ft Alicia Keys and Dr. Dre



  • J-Dub

    He deserve every great review coming in and theres alot of them. I love the album its in everyway one of his best. Finally a nas album with no wack beats. I remember The first time I heard “Undying Love” from his I AM.. album i was life wow you almost feel like your living it. Thats how it is when i hear “Bye Baby”

  • Jinx

    Esco The Legend!

    looool flex keep instigating

  • the One

    Im riding with you Nas, I think you spending that time with Damian has really changed you for the better. Keep repping us black men in a positive light you have me back as a supporter.

  • naime

    Flex is such a cornball. Nas is trying to talk about some real life shit and all Flex does is giggle like a school girl. Why is this man even on the radio? Good for Nas for keeping real on his feelings about life and not letting Flex bring him down a path of shit talking.

  • If you hate Nas it’s because you hate your mother and yourself.
    Loch Slaughterhouse Hammer Dance freestyle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=foAGhFRNBh4

  • @deez lies Illmatic and IWR where only 2 yrs apart,I Am was good in 1999, Stillmatic was 2001,God Son 2003,

    Nas had plenty good albums in 10 yrs

  • frankyg

    ofcourse Nas had plenty good albums and this one is TOPNOTCH !!! i played nas’s verse 7x when i first hear the accident murderers joint. His presence in the music scene is SO NECESSARY.. 1LOVE!

  • frankyg

    ow and flex is DOUCHEBAG for instigating like an immature clown that he is. HOPE NOBODY BOOKS THIS GUY EVER !!

  • Crew Love

    Flex need to go

  • p. dom

    Man, Punk Master Flex is worse than Wendy Williams in her prime. Yuck!

  • R

    Nas is sucking Gayz off cause this album is overrated listen to it for free on Spotify whenever you want