Nas Life Is Good Celebration

photo: michael feeney

Hours before the release of Nas’ album, Life Is Good, Team Epiphany spearheaded the Moët Rose Lounge event last night in NYC’s meatpacking district. Yours truly bailed at the last minute, but Hov, Beyonce, Busta Rhymes, Jermaine Dupri, Swizz Beatz, No I.D. and a host of others were in attendance. Q-Tip and DJ Wonder handled DJ duties. Here are a few pics from the night’s festivities.

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  • wizsucks

    Greatest rapper of all time

  • King Chandler

    I see Busta back on his gorilla shit, good thing Charlemagne didn’t feel too brave that night. Good to see Esco enjoyin himself.

  • How Wonderful..

    The lady in the bottom left has that “They shoulda never gave these niggas money” look in her eye. Congrats to Nas though.

  • g.oat

  • Peekay

    *threw* a party. I’m available to edit posts.

  • Royalty of this shyt!

    congrats to the GOAT!! great album just copped it …ill shyt to bump in the whip ….word

  • PistolPistol

    Nas is definitely one of the goats. Glad to see he’s back on that classic shit.
    That party was probably classic. It was written…

    Jay-Z look goofy as hell

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Looks like they’re having a great time.

  • Music is life

    Definitely a GOAT. Party looks like it was bangin!

    – Support the movement, bless up.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Damn i havent seen Julissa Bermudez in a minute. Larry Johnson is a fool for messing that up smh.

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  • danielsunz1

    Threw a party not Through a party.

    NAS looks happy as shit too. Man that’s good.

  • Scoob

    this nigga Jayz go to a classy event like this in a white T? SMH swagerless camel


    Happy for the GOAT. Great album, gon get a physical copy tomorrow got the shit on lock bumpin in my iTunes

  • devon hova

    its always good to see nas and hov and all these other rappers around each other chilling and having fun … i loved the intro on the album it has so much memories attached to it ……nice song ..

  • devon hova

    @ scoob i see that jayz aura and presense is to big for u to stay focused on the Nas topic . its ok i understand bruh .

  • Dashing

    Great album. Best of the year so far.

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  • king blair

    Album of the year period

  • danielsunz1

    Threw a party, not “through a party.”

    Nas looks happy as shit though. Im happy for him.

  • PETA Ether

    Amazing album. He’s hands down rapping better than anyone else out right now. Peace to Nasir for staying true

  • TWO G.O.A.T’s at the top pic

    also its funny how Nas looking at busta like “this nigga drunk already” lol

  • yaboy

    grabbin a copy on the lunchbreak

  • King

    Album Of The Year!!! No Doubt

  • Stevie J’s facial expressions

    No I.D looking like he wanna suck Jay-z dick….Busta big meat head ass just swole for no reason..
    Jermaine Dupri lookin like money is a thang now, Jay-z lookin like he doesn’t like the way fat Joe with freckles breath smells… also track 9 You Wouldn’t Understand is my favorite gotta nice mellow beat.

  • Miya

    hahahahahahaha its not fat joe HAHAHAHHHAAH…. its def jam vice president next to jay-z called STEVE PECAS

  • haharollin


  • B. Dot Stole Alicia Keys Phone in 2004

    Julissa was the highlight of that party. Nasty Nas most def fucked!

  • chilleymost

    look how nas looking at busta,,,hahaaaaaa,,,,,like this nigga right here

  • lilrizq

    is it just me or is Nas’ album not really mixed that well???? anyone.

  • Black London

    “Amazing album. He’s hands down rapping better than anyone else out right now. Peace to Nasir for staying true”

    Read the aboue quote… Co-Sign it… Go cop Life Is Good (if you haveen’t already) and then carry on with your day.

    #ThankYouMuch (No Typo)

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  • Real Deal

    Nas is the GOAT. I’m going to cop the album today!

  • That Guy

    1. Nas, you’re that guy.
    2. I know it’s in the past, but I can’t help but think that during that embrace between Nas and Jay, at least once they just thought…….”ether.”

  • banks919

    aight yall seen the photos now go support Nas and buy the album

  • haharollin

    only half way in and this shit is classic. man… the music is f’in GREAT. I’m just glad there was some real content from a great artist yall. Big shout out to Nas. Classic g. Classic. This is Grammy material. Once u listen ull see what i mean.

  • this looked like a star studded affair for “life is good”

  • Stevie J’s facial expressions

    @Miya Don’t you mean Shawn Costner… I know that’s not Fat Joe it was a joke
    How are you gonna correct me and get the name wrong and say STEVE PECAS.

  • devon hova

    @ stevie j’s cosign track 9 – u wud not understand , got a real 90s vibe to it especially when the chorus kicked in …………

  • Stevie J’s facial expressions

    @devon hova track 9

    Breaks: Let’s start love over

  • YR

    bet money No I.D. is gay


    lol who care if no ID is gay or not. we’re speaking about music here. he’s one of the best producers imo. I could care less about him being gay he still makes good ass music.

  • hxxvaz

    Hopefully this celebration made Jay wanna go to the studio and make some hard core brooklyn shit after hearin Life is Good.

  • B. shorty

    ^^^ CO-SIGN, but atleast we got some great music from nas, hopefully this does inspire hov to hop back in the studio soon

  • SkidaRoc

    @lilrizq I think it was on purpose to give the album and old school gritty sound. Tracks like “Back When”(which sounds like a less lyrical Memory Lane) are mixed to have that gritty sound same with “Loco-motive”. This album is fire tho, appreciate Nas for this album. The game needs this.

  • MR.M

    G.O.A.T. nuff said…

  • Blaxdon

    That new Nas is Fire…………Glad he found peace he’s on that illmatic,stillmatic,godson flow. I Hear this TDE nigga’s name been ringing bells right? So I check out that Swimming pools DRANK shit. It was aight. But not only was he was not only saying something I had heard before,but By an MC who did it better. Still does today.Not to mention I couldn’t fuck wit or agree with that drink until you can’t see or hear shit vibe. Not as a grown black man in 2012. Not to mention he just wasn’t as nice. Yeah I said it that Kendrick Lamar kid is aight but he ain’t got it like that. I played Nas Trust next and we needless to say it was no contest at all. Nas Shitted on that Nigga. Whole life is good album is fucking crazy. I see you new school J.cole,odd future,Drake,Big sean,Nicki minaj,kid cudi etc…with all that being said I dare say they may need to step it up. I’m just saying Nas, Jay,Big Pun,Outkast,tupac,. Niggaz used to come a little harder with their albums yes that means you too Wayne. Just a thought. I see Nas turning it up, I see Kanye revving engines,, but I also see Nicki phoning in that second album, I these weak ass singles from Kendrick Lamaar, is Wale getting tired already. Only new school niggaz reppin’ this summer as far as I am concerned is Meek Mill (been bumping the hell out his mixtape) and Drake. Hip Hop you are under attack and it seems to me only the real niggaz b(Kanye ,Nas,) see that shit right now

  • Killa

    Jayz “Memba that time I fucked yo bitch?!”
    Nas “Yeahhhhh”
    Jayz “How bout the time i sampled your lyrics for my song?”
    Nas “Yeahhhh”
    Jayz “And then I signed you to def jam?”
    Nas “Yeaaahhhh”
    Nas & Jayz “Life is goooooodddd!!!!”

  • Loaded

    ^ LMAOOO

  • Clos1881

    Who be inviting the chick from 3lw everywhere?

  • The N

    Cant humbled the disgruntle i come through confront ya let nothing slide sly remarks you mus wana die fronting why when we all know you pumking pie

  • R

    Nas must like the way Gayz tastes this album is overrated nothing to hear hear u can hear it for free on spotify

  • dmfslimm

    @killa *dead*..

  • NickeyNegrito

    @ Killer lmao

    Nas album is definitely fresh and lyrically superior to a lot of albums out already.

    Cherry Wine would be the the flagship song for LIFE IS GOOD. That Amy Whinehouse sample is crazy. That song is dope. Nas did it up.

    @Hxxvac…i hope Jay does make a seriously nice album like Nas album. Basically continue the vibe of Nas album.

    I hope my boy Meek take notes and make more self reflection songs like USE TO BE and DREAMCHASING, on the same level as Nas. I think he could.

  • Itz Yourz

    Grown Man Shit going on here.

    Glad to see Nas and Jay wasnt fronting for the public when they said they squashed there beef.

    Life is Good is an album most of us been looking for, for a long time from these rappers. Good looking out Nas hopefully you will inspire others to follow the sentiment “to thine Own Self Be True”

  • leafy

    Nas- so how u like ma album
    Jay- its alright i mean its not the throne
    Nas- not the throne, its better then that shit
    Jay- come on, me and kanye doin big things
    Nas- dont make me ether your ass again jay Jay- im jus playin, no need for that

  • Showboat

    I just finished listening to the album. Its amazing man. Why would you ever buy a Lil’ Wayne album after listening to this?

  • leafy

    best album since stillmatic ….maybe even it was written……….top 4 album for NaS

  • giggidy

    Nasssssir, copped my first album in 5 years. LIFE IS GOOD!!

  • Richard P