• I’m not sure about this one. It might grow on me. Beans’ verse is cold as usual.

  • Wtf

    Whole gang? This joint only had Sparks, Chris and Peedi smh. False advertising RR

  • Guare456


  • Yeah there is something just not here, I dont know if its the the ENERGY or whatever, but i guess i like the beat with the Kill Bill sample n shit….but something is def. missing and i feel like its either a harder bounce or the energy just seems off…..

  • beans be tryna get them dollars for uncle sam

  • This Beat Is So HipHop Chop I Like It …First Verse Was WTF Son

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    This was WEAK ! Im a beanie sigel & S.P. fan.

  • Run TNC

    All these dudes used to be nice. This record isn’t tho. I heard this a million times. Nothing new, nobody got better since the Roc-a-Fella days. At some point they gotta leave 2003 if they want to make some noise

  • Not Anonymous

    No Neef? Lmao. I’ll listen again once the unedited is released. Free only spit like 8 bars but the track is kinda weak anyways.

  • djdoit

    nice fn beat!!!!!!

  • troncity

    Yo i always gotta LOL when i see niggas in the rap game using mspaint for mixtape/album/single covers

  • mitch

    new TI song >>> .this

  • Joseeezy160

    Look at that cheap suit and that belly… get a shape up beans!! So sad i fucked w beans too smh

  • 85

    I like it … layback track …

  • HAQ


  • RackedUpShawwty

    Is it just me or is Peedi using the same rhyme schemes since ’01?

  • petey


  • Blaxdon

    No thanks. If by some miracle these niggaz ever had enough money ever in their lifeagain to be in the same place as Hov or Ye them niggaz probably couldn’t look these sp niggaz in the eyes. That shit is weak sauce. meanwhile what’s left of the roc is still going platinium and doing world tours 10 years later

  • onenutned

    damn beans I ain’t never dislike none of yo’ shit till now. garbage.