• Omega Supreme

    Yo this is Hard!

  • Tlun
  • King Chandler

    This isn’t bad at all but I downloaded all of this dudes mixtapes to see what the hype was about and was not impressed at all, dude overuses the word swag way too much and overuses the pause stop flow waaaayyyyyyyyyy too much, that shit is a red flag for me right off top. Hopefully his future shit is more like this.

  • shane

    Royalty was gambino’s most dissapointing project to date by far. for someone trying to get into gambino, listen to ep or culdesac. not this

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  • Hip-Hop Stanssss

    Royalty is easily his best work, well maybe Camp was overall better due to the concept but Royalty was ill as fuck he keeps improving as an emcee, his hooks are kinda weak tho