TV One Unsung: Kool Moe Dee

Last night, the TV One series followed the life and career of Kool Moe Dee. As part of the Treacherous Three, he then took the solo route achieving huge success and engaging in an infamous battle with LL Cool J.


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  • NickeyNegrito

    True legend. Why did Tupac and Jim kill Mo Dee in Gangrelated…

    Mo Dee murdered LL COOL J back in the day…..he ripped him, but the most popular prevailed. LL did hold his own though, especially on that dope track TO DA BREAK OF DAWN…….wait, i think that was Ice t, but he went in on IM BAD!

  • How wonderful..

    I watched this last night. It was pretty good. Moe Dee was always a good emcee. Wild Wild West was my shit when i was a kid. I sang out loud last night when they showed the clip of the video. His lyrical beef with LL was classic too. Jack The Ripper was definately one of the best hip hop songs of all time. LL did get him on to da Break Of Dawn “…And have the nerve to have them star trak shades on…” Anyway thier lyrical battle was one for the ages.

  • Oh U Tryna Kick Knowledge?

    As much as I appreciate and admire the contribution that Kool Moe Dee has made to the Hip-Hop culture, the last part of this special kind of made me cringe a bit. The whole “I’m drop a single, EP, album, album, album,” part is proof that Hip-Hop music, more than any other genre, tends to breed individuals that just don’t know when to say “when”.

    I know that it’s a mixture of different things that come into play when dealing with this, but what stands out the most to me is the denial in most of these artists. I sense of desperation to merely glimpse at what it was like in their prime.

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if Kool Moe Dee is reading this (you’ll be surprised how many rappers actually do read these comments), please don’t tarnish your legacy by attempting to return into the rap game. If it’s something that you wish to do artistically, and void of any competitive bravado, then by all means, get your money. But if you for one instant truly believe that you have what it takes to compete with some of these young lions lurking this musical jungle… Then all I have to say is prepare for the embarrassment of a lifetime.