• kriz

    pop rap trash

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ agree

  • ^ You two are idiots!! B.o.B is a dope rapper with meaningful lyrics. You probably still believe these wanksta rappers…

  • nawwwww

    im sure taylor swift had nothing to do with it


    BOB is dope. There are only a few rappers I dont consider pop. That just what hip hop has become.

  • Jaymalls

    BoB is anartist, not a rapper! BUTTTT he is a Singles artist… His albums are usually 4 singles and the rest fillers thats y people don’t support it! He is lyrical when he want to b though!

  • Hu Liu Kim

    About the only thing i give y’all props for at RR is these doing accompanied pics with the story/headlines, fitting.

    All else is eh.

  • Rachael5922

    <3 I wish I could be strong enough, to lift not one, but both of us.

  • Luke

    Yes this is pop rap, but none of you were saying this when Eminem was releasing “love the way you lie” or when Dr Dre released “I need a doctor” get some perspective hypocrites

  • deez

    lol this is real funny considering i have never heard this song, ever…..labels buyin records so people will go out and finally maybe start listening, lol this industry is bad right now, this song did not go gold (IN THE U.S.) maybe oversees..

  • deez

    ok i retract that statement
    ^ it went gold because taylor swift is on it…case closed..