• Hu

    Let’s hope he won’t “join” him soon.

  • meezy

    this guy comes out and could still get more pussy than any of you haters.

  • dll32


  • Hu Liu Kim

    lol @ meezy. rejoicing in hom much women a homo gets. lol even got your mind twisted.
    news flash homo lover, homo’s don’t get vagina sex.

    Hey Meezy, his songs are just to make you and many comfortable with the abomination behavior and you seem to accept already. You might be one hence your defense.

    hater? loool

  • Lg

    That’s sick how everyone knew the lyrics already. Good for Uncle Frankie

  • Frank ocean

    Me and the homie earl sweatshirt were away for months which is the reason he just recently came back. We were spending time together and fucking the shit out of eachother.

  • http://rapradar.com ben

    ^^^^ hahahahahahahaha

  • dope

    show was crazy frank will be one the great if he doesnt self destruct

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