• @tshiamofs

    This boy gon sell more than J.Cole. I hope so

  • Larg

    dude gon do numbers! man he nice on the track

    Air Jordans Responsible for Over 1,200 Deaths a Year Among African Americans; More than 20 Shoe Related Deaths Per Week http://ow.ly/ckaTT << this ish crazy…

  • devon hova

    seems like a cool dude , wish him all the best ………… in his future endevours

  • Aggie Pride

    The snippets are here for Rick Ross GFID

  • CarreraLu

    You were just listening to Swimming Pools this morning?? That your producer happened to be playing?? Aren’t you supposed to be following new/relevant shit??

    Am I the only one who actually listens to lyrics anymore? “We was kinda bopping our heads”. Damn son. No wonder anybody can get radio play. Swimming Pools is Kendricks look into the world of alcohol problems in the hood, not a fucking catchy beat for white college kids to yell “drank” too.

    Now I done grew up round some people living their life in bottles
    Grandaddy had the golden flask
    Back stroke every day in Chicago
    Some people like the way it feels
    Some people wanna kill their sorrows
    Some people wanna fit in with the popular
    That was my problem
    I was in the dark room, loud tombs


  • flo

    or they are playing stupid for their listeners? but yeah i get your point..^^

  • GlassesMalone

    Kendrick, TDE, Cole. The future is just fine.

  • hxxvaz

    I was waitin for them to ask him if dre have any beats on the album

  • the truth

    this dude is wack..ya’ll caught up in the hype…just because ur a conscious rapper dont make u tight..his flow and rhymes are weak..no body out west really feels this dude…his beats are trash..his single with dre did nothing for him..i mean he’s alrite but he’s not real…i rather listen to ross, jeezy, drake, jay z, lil wayne, drake, if u want real hip hop talib kweli…he cool because he from the west but he aint that dude like that

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