• JD

    I like this site a bunch, but it seems as if many other rappers would have made anything close to the quality of Life Is Good, much would be written and the site would be celebrating it. If Wacka dropped an album with 9 strong beats he’d get another cover of Respect. Jay would get another piece written up about having the most important hip hop album of all time. YN would start a petition for Eminem to have a national holiday. And so it goes for Ross, Wale, and others.

    In many ways, LIG pushes the genre forward and sets the bar. It almost seems inevitable that God Forgives will be lauded over and over, but this isn’t the case for a Top 5 MC with a fantastic album. And that’s not to say that I don’t rock with all the aforementioned, but, what gives?

  • GlassesMalone

    Why the hell are you telling us this in a Action Bronson thread? Although I agree, total wrong place to put this.

  • JD

    Feel that. Thought just hit me, didn’t feel like waiting around for the ideal thread.

  • JL

    Action Bronson = Classic hip hop

  • drew

    JD take dat shit to nahright where niggaz got ADHD stay on subject hoe!

    Action Bronson is crazy good flushing queens stand up

  • Brandeezy

    Nah, Action Bronson = wack-ass version of Ghostface.

  • niggasiswack

    wannabe ghostface.” i dont want nobody soundin like me on no album”, action bronson…dont quit ya …..oh shit …well get a job this rap shit aint for corny mufukas