• kriz

    Well deserved indie rap legend keep it goin tech

  • PistolPistol

    Go Tech Go Tech

  • Word

    Wait a minute. Let me get this straight. This is a single from an album he dropped 6 YEARS AGO thats JUST going Gold? So in other words, it took 6 years for Tech to gain 500k .99 cent downloads of this song??

    No offense, congrats on going Gold but…..this the type of thing id rather just not even post. Lmao. Its laughable when you compare it to other artist. But then again dude IS indie so you have to give him that I guess.

  • Word

    Dont hate me Tech fans, I dont listen to dude but I respect his grind. He seems like a cool artist. Congrats on going gold. I still find this funny though.

  • Damn he’s an inspiration.Hustle
    Loch Slaughterhouse Hammer Dance freestyle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=foAGhFRNBh4

  • About time, but mad respect for his grind.

  • Evil

    Just make a song with Eminem

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    Better now than never I guess…6 years!!! Damn!


  • This is only the beginning. Tech N9ne is on his way to superstardom, as well as Hopsin.. Just sit back and watch as it happens.

  • @Artise1

    Shout out to Tech.. He is killing the Indy game. Selling and Touring and dont have to cut 85% of his cake and give it to Big Brother. Get yours…

  • @Word

    I feel the same.

  • M.T

    Congrats to Tech N9ne. One of the best independent artist out there.

  • B3N

    People should keep in mind that ‘Caribou Lou’ was never actually dropped as a strong single for the album or pushed the way most singles are. There was no music video or major radio airplay for it. It’s just a song that caught on once the album had already been pushed.

  • JustMyOpinion

    One word: INDEPENDENT.




  • Black Shady

    gold plaque in 2006 or 6 yrs later…who cares? he still sold 500 000 singles. Oh..and independant


  • Kill

    One of the best songs off of his best album. EVERREADY still gets spins occasionally. “Welcome To My World” (including the bank robbery interlude before it) is my personal favorite tho.

  • Jay Loan

    Mac miller isn’t major label backed however unlike tech gets pushed by major label artist. So that he is indie argument kinda holds no weight but dude is well deserving of it

  • hxxvaz

    CO-SIGN @Word !!

    This is very laughable for some reason

  • Stop

    @WUWEAR LMAO kanye need to use that chorus on a song already too funny

  • casper21

    long overdue Tech, keep on grindin. Years from now when this rap shit is over they will compare the success of a lot of major label artists to the independent grind on indie labels, and yours is the blueprint for true success. Can’t wait for your next album.

    And to you young punks laughing at an achievement like this, know this, I’ve only been a fan of Tech’s for like maybe the last two years, All 6’s and 7’s was the first album I bought of his, and I just bought Evverready a month ago. Doesn’t matter when it was made because the shit STILL bumps 6 years later. Name your top 5 favorite rappers and if any of them put music out in 2006 I’ll bet anything your not bumping that record. Quality hip hop on Tech’s level is timeless. Your looking at an Indie legend that EVERY rapper in the game respects.

  • Devante

    You gotta think about Tech 9 been underground for all his career recently gain a lot fans with the Wayne, T-Pain and B.O.B collabs. So his music is new to them

  • Simon

    @casper21, i still Bump the documentary and doctors advocate by game everyday

  • really23

    Tech N9ne is a beast and he’s touched more paper than many of your platinum single having artists. This nigga got FANS that probably listen to him exclusively. He got that ICP type of devoted following.

  • chuck tarantino

    much respect though

  • King

    Respect this dudes hustle….can’t fuck with all of his music though

  • casper21


    You’re in the minority, Dre put a ton of work into the Documentary, so I can see that having replay value, Doctor’s Advocate a little less, to each his own. But in this climate you still bumping gangster rap everyday? The glory days of gangster rap are long over, Game was just the last in a long line, hip hop expanded its subject matter and depth a little, but I commend you for supporting a style or sound when pop culture has moved passed it.

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  • JG

    @Word Hard to compare Tech to these “other artists”. I know out here in Ohio, I’ve NEVER heard him on the radio. Didn’t see him on MTV/BET until 2011. But yeah, I’m glad to see him go gold, too. Long time coming, far overdue.

  • sdella
  • Jalil Middleton

    Although more than a few of his albums are fire, Tech N9NE’s best shit was Absolute Power, Anghellic (though two of the tracks on Angellic were recorded in 1999; “Going Bad” was recorded in 1999, and “Twisted” was actually meant for Be Warned); and his unreleased 1997 album, Be Warned.