• I must be out of the loop with this one, but who’s Snowflake?

  • hxxvaz

    I’ll bet my life that the cover is better than the music

  • Billy D

    It’s the unit!!!!!!

    Street king immortal !!!!!

  • Real Talk.

    What was David Banner’s LP title again? Sex, Drugs and Video Games? try again Yayo.

  • Young Beevie

    dope cover.. but i bet the music sucks ass

    Chivalry Ain

  • JustMyOpinion

    I can’t wait for the first rapper to have a mixtape titled “year of the mixtape.” it seems as if that is ALL rappers are putting out.

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ In addition, that’s what we doing now? Previewing mixtape covers as if they’re actual albums?

  • Haha..this nigga still rapping?!!

    Gunplay will rap circles around this clown..lmao

    Yea I know what ur sayin..gunplay wack..da nigga ten times better then this dude..bwhahaa

  • Jus10

    Who’s snowflake? Somehow I get the feeling that’s not her name… smh.

  • @MrRight516

    This is what we feed our youth ..foh
    Support Real Hip Hop!!

  • Tru Talk

    Gotta say, the cover is pretty dope

  • Hu Liu Kim

    hxxvaz says:
    Wednesday, July 18 2012 at 7:42 PM EST

  • Slaughter

    So much hate.. Is there nothing else to do than hate on people that made it, you say wack I say your dumb for saying that, I mean you blantently no who it is they can’t be that wack if your clicking on thate name, one day your dumbass may understand

  • fastflipper

    yayo )))))))))) 80% of the industry

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  • prodigal son

    worse rappers out there than Yayo, in my opinion. But what’s with the terrible punctuation: Sex, Drugs, & Hip-Hop’ … no need for the comma between ‘drugs’ and ‘&’ Yay’, get your editor to proof read.

  • CJF

    Niyemortal says:
    Wednesday, July 18 2012 at 7:41 PM EST
    I must be out of the loop with this one, but who

  • 85

    Yayo ma nicca .. he brought me some street heat for real in the past … been lazy with the pen lately, but he be killin them 50 cent features tho !

  • Dixson


  • Easy


    wow i don’t belive you try correct what is already correct, you had bad english teacher my man.
    that is a list of things thus the commas were in right place. SMH at this dude. lol making himself look likea fool while trying to put someone down as if he intelligent but maaad wrong. loool

  • Easy

    ok, i admit myself look like a fool for not reading what u were addressing, prodigal.
    I THOUGHT u were saying the comma was not needed. i took a look and saw the comma before the ampersand which does not belong. my bad. i’ll admit my wrong here. lol

    ok folks, nothing to see here. though this post turn to english class debate. lol