• mac DIESEL



  • Cole World

    This dude and Mac Miller make me ashamed to be a white musician.

  • Jim

    keep your head up Cold World, trust me Gucci Mane, Wocka Flocka, Chie Keef, and Lil B embarrass the fuck out of us black musicians

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  • Dan

    I don’t get the hate, that was a flawless performance

  • KoolBr33z

    Cosign @Dan. Love ’em or hate ’em, that was a flawless performance. Perfoming hip hop live in a late night TV format is a tough gig — I haven’t seen it done better. If you can’t admit that much your opinion is wack.

  • Donn


    That performance was on point. I don’t get the hate either. Energy was on point, dude can spit

  • TH

    Good performance

    MGK always has that energy that rap performances usually lack

  • deo

    @cole world Really?? These are the guys who make u ashamed to be a white musician and not miley cyrus or the jonas brothers or that kinda shit? Gtfo you lame

  • Obama

    Vanilla Ice 2.0… Wow this dude already burnt out?! Diddy must be pissed..