• pragmatico

    Yo. I don’t usually comment, but this Big Homie that writes for ya’ll is a functioning reTARD. This dude failed grammar school for sure pun intended ya feel me. Any moderators reading this, there are plenty other commentors who’ve reiterated the same sentiment. Take notice – yo content is suffering.

  • DIGGSY!!!

    Africa IS far. Word to T-Boz

  • @pragmatico

    ^ thank very much. Yours comment are very apprciative

  • BarackObamaJr.

    South Africa looks live af. Too bad a plane ticket there is like five stacks

  • pragmatico

    Homie, that shit would be funny were you not a supposed “online journalist” reporting on this hip hop shit. You’re a waste of that good Interscope $.

  • ^ lol

  • pragmatico

    At least you comprehend sarcasm

  • The Real Big Homie

    @pragmatico fall back dog before I ban your IP address and you will be stuck to porn masturbation videos only…
    can you comprehend that

  • pragmatico

    e-thugz can’t eat shit and die. no loss on my end Elliot.

  • pragmatico

    it only makes us stroooonnnnnggggeeeerrrrrr

  • Umm…

    Damn, its some fine women in South Africa. I guess what they say is true.

  • Mr nice fade

    Im from south-african i was there at this party ask Dj Drama about swasi weed. we put the nigga on..

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