New Music: Snoop Dogg Lion “La La La”

The Doggfather transforms into Snoop Lion for this track off his upcoming album, Reincarnated. The song’s produced by Diplo and fittingly enough, was recorded in Jamaica. Too bad he forgot to leave it in customs.

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  • Evil

    What the fuck is this bullshit? Horrible.

  • Jersey Demic


  • Jinx

    you had a good run snoop! u shud of retired after blue carpet treatment.

  • poetic assasin

    lmao @ too bad he forgot to leave it in customs — yea on his instagram he transformed into a “rasta”– I just shake my head.

  • Truu

    Damn yall just can’t stand somebody something new huh? I fucks with it, Esp the beat, it’s pure classic reggae not the same rhythm type reggae. BEsides snoop is a world known herb advocate, I fux w/ this.

  • Laughing at salty niggas

    Snoop is another one of them niggas who living off his glory days you don’t see the class of 92 niggas playin basketball This nigga is Chris Webber on the Pistons, doesn’t know when to quit just do your interviews and let them honkees make fun of you and and your weed smoking like they always do… It’s a shame when you don’t know when to hang it up and you gotta be forced out like Jerry Rice TO and AI, Too short is another one nigga on album number 48.

  • zeee

    yo this track is dope. yall studip

  • Black Shady

    Damn…Snoop……………you keep disappointing me

  • d money

    This track is the sound of my last ounce of respect for this dude leaving the room. Gin&juice & The dogfather, can’t make up for the dookie he’ s produced in the last 10yrs. Smh.

  • changeclothz

    Snoop is a joke

  • dopeaom

    Why all the hate, this is a great track. Especially after Wet and other wack stuff he made lately.

    This is no rap of course, so you can’t judge it as such, but just as music, this shit is cool to chill to.. expect for those effects at the end the track is a perfect chill track.

  • @craig_itsFriday

    RapRadar stays hating on Snoop…especially B.Dot. This is dope. Different. Vibe out music.Snoops a true Artist that’s why he’s here 20 plus years later.

  • reggae beat is nice, only because snoop is snoop i accept it for what it is . something to smoke to

  • Ronnie F.

    I am sad to announce that Snoop Doggy Dogg’s rap career is now officially over.

  • That’s one of the problems with today’s musical climate; A beautiful ‘song’ will be chopped up to make a very sub par ‘track’. This is a perfect case of that point. Snoop’s career is far from over, but this is not a good outing at all. I wouldn’t use the word terrible but it definitely gives you a ‘wtf?’ moment. This is not because we don’t like growth in an artist (Snoop has had more growth than probably any other artist in his genre, and we’ve rode with him all the way). It’s simply because this particular track is ill conceived and poorly executed. Snoop always used reggae inflections, even on Doggystyle, so that he would do this this ‘track’ makes sense in the scheme of things. But it’s simply not a high point, even by Snoop’s currently not so high, Wiz Khalifa dueting, standards. By the way, the original is ‘Archibella’ by the legendary Ken Boothe. And THAT is an amazingly beautiful ‘song’.

  • *edit: ‘Artibella’ – by the legendary Ken Boothe.

  • realwickwickwack

    he sure doesnt give a fuck about his career

  • B2O

    actually it’s good. that nigga don’t give a fuck about what you think, he just want to have fun, so let’s chill !







  • Jay

    Dope. Something fresh that nobody else would have the guts to attempt

  • Musikal

    If feel the rap name snoop dogg is better then snoop lion.

  • Niggas stay hatin snoop is the most underated artist of his time the most versatile hiphop artist alltime haters hate on that ubitchi

  • ben

    Snoop done smoked himself rasta haha

  • I think we all know Snoop is talented and a gangsta rapper. What your listening to is someone who has nothing to prove. What a good feeling. I don’t take this song seriously because I know what his core sound is, but if he wants to go to Jamaica, smoke some weed and make a track, then it’s all good.

  • Q

    real shit bruh^

  • Ummah_es_Salaam

    song for the stoners not anybody looking for anything other than a good vibe to take em to another a big superb herb chiefer I approve….roll up and repeat

  • Ranchoichi

    SUGA! Er’body hatin’ on dis joint need to check them ‘selves! Real talk, this is hip hop progress. “…leave it in customs”? For real? Statements like that is why no one ever take critics seriously…wrong! Did Snoop really have to call the album reincarnated just for you to miss it? It’s .Major Lazer, recognize! Fuckin’ joint is bonkers!

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  • George

    diplo is going to have some maaaadddd dope productions on the project i can tell u that much

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  • huron1

    Bet all the haters in here are 25 and under. Just dont understand the progression of man and the ability to grow and change. Keep hating but this man is a artist

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  • teejay

    this sounds like an eminem joke song.

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