50 Cent Licensed To Promote Boxing

Let’s get ready to rumble. According to Business Insider, 50’s boxing promoting company, TMT (The Money Team) is now licensed in the state of New York and has applied for licensing in the state of Nevada.

His TMT company is also expected to sign Olympic gold medalist and former featherweight champ Yuriorkis Gamboa and Olympic bronze medalist and middleweight champ Andre Dirrell.


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  • JustMyOpinion

    So……………this is the reason a WEAK mixtape is on my iPod playlist. *remembers to delete mixtape*

  • Hu Liu Kim

    This is the meaning of rich forever, no pun to Ricky.

    This dude hustle is crazy.

  • Jonny

    50 is bigger than hip hop that is just his side bitch for when his bored and having fun

  • Lostprodigy


  • @Artise1

    50 hustle game is crazy. Music, Movies, Energy Drinks, Headphones, Boxing Promotion, Clothes. F*ck a CD. This n gga stay on Forbes.


    Gamboa is my nigga!!! its nice to see a brotha like fif branchin out in different revenue stream n I wish him the best of luck but as far as boxing promotions, him n floyd’s Mayweather Promotions better step their game up quick becuz its gonna be hard to get ppv deals when Arum’s Top Rank n De La Hoya’s Golden Boy already of a steady foundation with their farm system of boxers

  • Ted Dibiase

    Boss shit 50 Hustlin ass nigga, Maybe he can compete with golden boy Bob Arum and Don King….Only in America.

  • IM730

    He built his name up so much so now anything he does people are interested. Good for him. And I don’t even like 50’s music. In fact I hate it but dude is always someone I respected as far as his business goes. And of course punking people cause that’s always fun.

  • dopeaom

    @JustMyOpinion if it’s wack why do you have it on your playlist in the first place. I know you’re just hating but at least make some sense in your hate.

    Good move for fifty, he knows there’s money to be made in boxing promotions, and with his high profile friendship and even boxing experience before his rap game blew up, he’s sure to make things work out good for him.

  • Musikal

    Floyd look like he crying in this photo. Cry baby floyd lol. Floyd is my nigga tho.

  • Good for him. Nice to see niggaz explore other avenues to make bread. And considering how his music career is over he needs to do something else.

  • Black Shady

    Thats a big ass power move. And if his next album DELIVERS too……50 will get back on top on forbes

  • slick

    them dudes aint just buddy buddy they’re cross marketing. teach me how to get my foot in your game and i’ll show you how to get in mine. that’s smart. no wonder he don’t hang with yayo as much, yayo can’t do nothing for him

  • Devante

    When record sales fail…

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    Dope move Fif.

  • smackin hoes

    ? Says the dude whose named after a Jodeci member, their sales been failed.

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  • Cromer Beats

    No lie…this is what you call a business man…I think he just raps for fun at this point.


  • Real Talk






    DONT HATE ON MY OPINION!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    BOSS !!!!!!! @Devante..Stop being bitter. FIF is a savvy businessman. Power moves after power moves.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @Real Talk…Let me get this right. U want FIF to retire but not Wack Weezy? Stephen A Smith voice: You should be banned from talking about music.

  • Real Talk


    You know damn well 50 wack as shit right now on the music shit go listen to Gatman and Robin 50 fan.

  • 50 always was and always will be A true bawse..

  • @Real talk 50 s wack but yet people like your punk hatin ass are on his page every time lol ENVY !

  • Rick Ross

    Yeah this nigga is bigger than Hip Hop he got other shit to do now hip hop was a catapult

  • Hate talk and tommy lollipop jones mad there broke and don’t have no business savvy hahahaha you see tommy that nigga on every 50 post but acts like he hates him fucking undercover groupies.

  • Kemosabi

    That’s huge! Respect 50

  • frank

    power move nigga

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  • drake is not a rapper

    not a good rapper anymore , i don

  • agonymob

    Boss moves. It’s time for another book 50.

  • name witheld


  • this nigga desparate, don’t know what to do after his rap career died always on some new ridiculous shit. smh

  • name witheld

    *Rick Ross. GOD FORGIVES, I DON’T, JULY 31.

  • Hu Liu Kim

    Rihgt, and it’s all about rap. If you getting rap money then you making money. Loool. I wanna cry at the same time for how mindless rappers made y’all.

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  • Jay Loan

    Look for those who are hating on him for finding new ways to expand his brand are seriously narrow minded people. Rap money is peanuts compared to the money C.E.O’s make.

  • really23

    Wood Face and Leather Face In the Same Place!!!

    I can’t make this shit up.lol

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    fuck 50 nigga…rap career iz a wrap wood face curtis jackson

  • hatin asses.. Rick Ross didn’t end shit but his love for healthy food… 50 is winning

  • 85

    good look Fif’ .. it’s gonna be a tough fight to the top,….. Murder by Numbers is the shit ! … rap career over ? yeah yeah …. whatever son …

  • From hustling crack in Queens to the brand he has now shows the meaning of “MADE IT”.

  • texas

    Everybody knows 50CENT. How many of your favorite rappers are actually talked about? and YES it is because of his ONE classic album. how many rappers had the game on lock like 50CENT?

  • chilleymost

    good for him!,,,,,da fuck!!!!!,,,after a while money makes money,,,,,IS THIS NIGGA HIRING,,,,shits real out here,,,,,,word up!

  • R

    50 is Gay ask Ocean. He can’t sell music so now he’s a promoter. GTFOH!!!

  • mane

    Hahahahha lord forgive them poor people only job is to hate on rich people on the internet while the rich keep getting richer…take this with 50 cent mindset he can never be poor again

  • Cam

    people act like 50’s last mixtape 5 was garbage tho … that shit was hard.. especially the track with schoolboy q! 50 statys winning & relevant.. even outside of music.. btw idiots. 50 is the highest selling debuting hiphop artist ever. EVER. oh & his first two albums sold 22 million together. So honestly he could give a fuck about rap at this point. His foes haven’t accomplished half as much. I mean Rick Ross hasn’t even went platinum yet off one album.

  • qbeezy

    maybe this will keep him out the studio!!

  • Ummah_es_Salaam

    yaw hatin ass niggas actually take the time to post yawl’s opinion like this a ‘hater award’ audition….are u serious?….”this nigga promotin blah blah…” u niggas the reason afroamericans are often untrusting/noid and selfehish. what in the fuck is wrong with someone trying to win or keep winning? acting like yawl really got beef with dude. what in the fuck did fifty do to yawl sour ass niggas? (my bad for assuming that the haters are of african descent. im just saying) get ya some money ol’ hatin ass fuck boys/girls…u mawfuckas is ridiculous

  • kayandgee

    business man yes, rapper no

  • Mr nice fade

    ya some negative people in here. no wonder yall broke

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