Lil Wayne Announces Dedication 4

Guess who’s bizack? After a four year hiatus, Tunechi is reuniting with DJ Drama for the fourth installment of his Dedication series. Hopefully he brings verses by the truck load.

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  • jada jada`


  • jada jada`

    this mixtape is going to be much better than d3…..but NOT d2 lol…….and also this mixtape is goin to be mediocre shit on this mixtape just like Sorry for the wait,….but FUK you HATERS

  • pat

    who cares? lil wayne sucks now and is irrelevant since Pusha T bodied a nigga

  • MMG

    skate nigga

  • caliking

    hope to dear god he doesn’t talk about skateboarding 90% of the mixtape

  • Andrew

    is he boycotting the letter ‘c’ or something?

  • Scrilla


  • young cracka

    no hes not boycotting the letter c, hes just uneducated because hes a nigger.

  • Aggie Pride

    ^ @young cracka I like your BITCH!!!

  • Black Shady

    D3 was weak. Sorry for the wait….garbage.
    he sure cant do worse………but then again, if he keeps talkin bout his skateboard and his trukfit…he might just do the impossible and drop a wacker mixtape…..

  • Word

    This shit will be trash! Man, I can’t get with Wayne anymore dude just doesn’t have good bars like he use to. Hope he can do the Dedication name proud cuz the other ones were fire, but this will be trash unless Wayne finally accepts he’s garbage and does something to change it.

  • baous

    anyone looking forward to this? no? okay lets go back to waiting on GFID aka album of the millenium

  • Michael Keaton

    This will be awful.

  • Umm…

    Sorry 4 the wait was not garbage. It was actually better than C4, imo. So here’s hoping wayne can get back to his old ways and stop being “tune-chi” but instead be “weezy”.

  • Real-Talk

    He uses “k” instead of “c” because hes a blood.

  • Umm…

    And LOL at the nigga sayin GFID is the album of the millenium. It won’t even be album of the week. HA!

  • Paul Anaconda

    @baous HaHaHa, ‘God Forgives I Don’t’ Album Of The Millenium?!? The Fat Fag Couldn’t Even Score A Dr. Dre Beat Only A Verse Which Makes That The Failure Of The Millenium!!! How Can You Be A BO$$ And Not Score A Beat From A BO$$?

  • Swag

    I like weezy but lately he has been disappointing me with all these corny songs, hopfully he takes bak tk the old skool weezy wit death wish, love me or hate me, dick pleaser, etc. this is like the last chance for him

  • Racked up Shawty…

    Due to the simple face that Wayne spelled “Dedikation” with a “k” and not a “c” shows that this shit is about to be hot garbage…

    D2 was a classic, D3 was solid, and No Ceilings was his last piece of work that was hard…

    GFID is worth a listen because Teflon Don was solid…

    Only CD i’m spending money on this year is Cruel Summer…

  • djdoit

    fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! another mixtape i wont have to dowload!!! yeah. extra harddrive. whoa!!!!!!!

  • Truu

    Scilla you’re trippin, Dedication 2 is the best of the dedication series, 3 was alright but that was when he was in his autotune phase.

  • HB

    “TRUK YO GIRL” thats pretty much the type of lyricism were going to get from ‘tunechi” on this

  • D!A!E!


  • Juper

    his BUZZ is dropping so he has no choice but to put this out. its perfect. hes still wack tho

  • Real Talk.

    Yall muhfuckas lying out yo asses, Yall will DL this shit and hate on it in the beginning…a month later everybody will be bumping this shit.

  • Haters!

    Wait till wayne puts out this fire ass mixtape wayne gunna shut all the haters up! Then everybodys gunna b like wayne the best rapper alive, get off the bandwagon hatin ass niggas

  • wayne has been corny since after the carter 2 (when his voice got higher). you guys are just growing up and your music taste is maturing. you should stay open though and have fun with rap. when you’re coming of age everything FEELS so important and dramatic… then you realize it’s just the carter 4, foamposites, and twilight- which are all pretty gotdamn ridiculous

  • Lil Weezy Fuckin’ Baby In The Bootyhole..

    see i gots my buzz up from creating that video before the batman massacre happened, it was all an elaborate plan, i gots to control the minds of the masses once again, innocent people got hurt, but it wasnt cashmonaysss fault, it was them higher ups that be giving that cashmonayyyyyy..them skeletons didn’t mean nuthing in one scene there was 18 nd the scene with twelve though icover my ears along with the rest of the cashmoney team..we on that luciferian shit…

  • Devante

    Carter 5, Dedication 4, I am not a human being 2 , Rebirth 2….. C’mon it has to end at some point

  • ayyeee

    i’ll listen to it if he has a feature from Kendrick lamar,Meek mill, and Drake.

  • “I can’t wait for it to come out!!”-Shit nobody says

  • Brendan74

    @Devante – also that gay evol or devol or whatever it is..

  • Hov stopped after 3 hardknock and blueprintss he tryna be better than J he need to take notes from em and quit when u fallin off ross put that cellphone freestyle j did on his retail album that shows who is the king wayne been recyclin verses since c3 and d3 no one wants to hear ramblin spit sum fire or put out millz or corey gunz or somebody other than nikki or drake.

  • who been waitin?

  • Tichaona

    @ Devante

    Carter 5, Dedication 4, I am not a human being 2 , Rebirth 2

  • kayandgee

    good move he needed a new mixtape, his been losing the buzz lately

  • The Guy

    lil wayne sucks

  • Evil

    Rick Ross got robbed in Detroit LOL
    Well not really but detroit thugs robbed his tour bus and stole everything in it and smashed it up.Hahaha Detroit has not forgot what you said about EM.White or not,he got riders in the D.Lucky for Ross,he wasnt in the bus when armed thugs stormed it.
    Why dont RR post this? Isnt this a Ross site? LOL

  • #1 Stoner

    half of you mofos are gonna download, so cut the bs

  • I see what you did there Amaya…

  • Itz Yourz

    Anyone that know true ganagbanging bloods know they don’t use the letter C for nothing…that’s why he wrote it like that. Now him being a true blood…remains to be seen.

    And I look forward to the D4 as along the his rapper pseudo liltunechi is not everywhere on the shit. I need weezy f , or lil Wayne. Ever since he been going by the tunechi bullshit (in rap) his music has been mediocre…one time listening use at best…lol. Hopefully dj drama is not a yea man and let’s him know when he his spewing trash ass rap. Shit it reflects his name too.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Wack Weezy releasing more horrible music. We get it your talentless.

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  • cru


  • hopefully he can get back in his ’07/’08 shit cuz lets not fuck around, he was the shit back then

  • bring the lyrics back homie! represent…

  • JReezy

    I guess the mixtape will have a Mortal Kombat theme judging by his tweet.



  • YunG based god

    tuna is a joke and this mixtape will be ass

  • MJ


    naw thats tygas thing

  • Collar Cali

    P*ssy, Skateboarding, Trukfit, Dark-skin female insult, YMCMB, Baby & ’90-Goin West’. There! I spoiled the whole mixtape.

    I’ve given up on Wayne being a hot lyricist… until he brings back the Wayne I recognize. He needs a DOPE amount of material BAD!

  • Skidaroc

    I’d rather hear a Gucci Mane, Lil B, Chief Keef mixtape.

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  • Marko-v

    Weezy is on another level that has nothing to do with Hip-Hop anymore. That period of him striving for acceptance and recognition granted him so much creative genius that we never fully appreciated it unitl…now. Yes dude has officially lost his touch (pause).

  • D3 was ass. Shouldn’t be hard to top that garbage. Only good song on that joint was Dick Pleaser.

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