• The Truth

    Chief Keef and Soulja boy in 30 years!!!

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ you a fool. 🙂
    This was cool.

  • Fil


  • Evil

    The beat was cool but nothing else.Sex,Drugs&HipHop…Lol Yayo doesnt have anything else to rap about.Its what you expect from 50s weedcarrier

  • infamous!!!

    Yayo can actually rap dun… his voice a little off sometimes but he be spittin… I remember on the unit mix tapes wen he broke down ever nba team that shit was dope son

  • drake is not a rapper

    yayo is at pitbull level hah a FUCKING DISGRACE even drake is better , and that’s saying a lot smh

  • UnKnOwN

    whoever deleted my comment that was some hoe shit Rick Ross must be on yall payroll for real.

  • bry from boston

    when he broke down the NBA teams on that banks mixtape ^^^^ I keep my heat in maimi on the beach with my niggas… too shorts an OG

  • mane

    Well ok yea love it

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  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @too short, and tony yayo, u can pimp me if u don’t mind trannies? I’ll have u rich fuck some show money I’ll suck dick till my tounge is numb! Okkkay

  • TeeCartt


  • mmg

    old ass niggas

  • So Icy Boi!

    Tony Yayo is 34 YEAR OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YOUNGER than Rick Ross and 2 Chainz

  • 85

    Too Short my nigga, Yayo ma nigga whaassss hapeninnn…

    I love these feel-good-pimpin-tracks … ! yeaaaaaaah baby

  • King Chandler

    Yayo is a dope artist, unless you like to hear: 1. A variety of subject matter. 2. Lyrical talent. 3. Good songwriting. Or, 4. Dope Hooks. But other than that dude is coming for the crown.

  • Ummah_es_Salaam

    the bootsy collins type bassline was on point..if u aint on this kinda mentally or possess that old soul then u aint gon appreciate this shit but its more than mafuckas under 21 that still listen to music and short stay in his lane and mastered his art. yayo prolly wont ever blow but this som shit ill smoke to and pour up to and add to ingredients to refresh this mode of mentality…get money, learn ya tools work ya tools simp ass niggas

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