New Video: Future Ft. Diddy x Ludacris “Same Damn Time (Remix)”

Both Diddy and Ludacris keep their stacks by the bundles as they join Future for the remix. At the same damn time of course. Directed by Alex Nazari.

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  • darkknoght

    dam he killed drake and ti at the same damn time!!

  • Jonny

    Biggie’s looking down at Puff laughing thinking what the hell is he doing

  • JustMyOpinion

    @ Mac come out of retirement, I need that short bus shawty video.

  • damn! I still think Luda is easliy top 10 greatest MC’s off all time. His delievery is incredible. coo remix. diddy pour me some ciroc.

  • ayyeee

    cool remix….when u take Diddy out!!!! he maddd anoying

  • Scrilla

    >Top 10 MC’s
    Pick one

  • Truu

    Big Homie you didn’t tag Ludacris.

  • Trey

    Luda so wack

  • Kali

    censorship…………………….thats the shit i dont like

  • Black Shady

    SMH….the whole song is a mess. this is hip hop?

  • Jack Bahlzak

    They pretty much Jae Milled this track. Shoulda done this when the track was still poppin

  • hazz

    Big money talk in and low budget video at the same damn time.

  • seee tho

    this why i like puff he may be a weak ass rapper but at least his verse be all facts and truths instead of make believe stories on how much money he got or how many drugs he sold and cars he drive he hit with actual facts

  • LakeShore

    When are these labels gonna learn. Future’s album been out for months. He barely broke 100k in sales. Travis porter didnt even crack 40k in sales. Tyga been out for months he just over 250k. Wacka Flacka been out for a while he just over 66k. These dudes r all on major labels. Meanwhile Wale, J Cole, Wiz, Kanye/Jay, etc. who are doing hip hop are selling units. Who gives a f**ck if thye play ur record in the club. You gonna be working at starbucks soon if you not covered from head to toe with tats.

  • Omega Supreme

    Luda Shitted.

  • cshh stole the fucking video! rapradar fuckin probably working with cshh fuck yall rick ross dick riders


  • M.T

    Luda’s verse>>>>>>

  • bry from boston

    @jonny… I’m pretty sure BIG ain’t thinkin that, diddys almost a billionaire… plus puffs a wicked chill guy, I met him at the coming home tour backstage and he’s a cool dude, talked to me for 15 mins and I’m no one special, he didn’t have to.. he takes a shit and makes more loot off interest that you at the same damn time

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  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @bryfromboston, did u suck his dick too? I would’ve get some of that bad boy dick!!! Take that take that!!! Okkkkay

  • bry from boston

    @zoomzoom your gay comment doesn’t piss me off what so ever, all you do is hate and make gay comments all day, atleast I can afford backstage passes that cost a G each, you watch it on YouTube, fag

  • Boss K

    I feel DIDDY made the song sound better on the remix

  • J.R

    IDGAF what niggaz say!! Diddy killed this shit!!! Or his ghostwriter did

  • young cracka

    diddy absolutely murder that i dont give a fuck what a bunch of stupid niggers think, it was definately ghost written tho. Future gonna b a one hit. Tony Montana was dusty to. Luda should smartin up and start name droppin or drake it in stay schemin, and take it one step at a time.

  • micah

    Future can’t be a one hit, already got multiple hits. Video tight

  • JMillionaire

    Feeling the video, Diddy murder it and the haters, lol Take That!

  • fuck Diddy he’s gay loll. Biggie’s voice

  • Ummah_es_Salaam

    u cant knock the hustle. diddy’s ghost writer put him in there with that one but the real shit is even tho it aint’ him putting the words together we all know that’s his life and puff do alot of shit. luda ain’t my favorite but u gotta respect him he handles his biz when he get in the mic. and as for the song this was my shit before the remix plus even tho I was like wtf when I first heard future I respect him doin something different cuz the songs be knockin straight up..that ‘Im lookin for her’ shit is clean too. good bizness move future

  • Ummah_es_Salaam

    my girl just bought me a hard ass sean john three piece suit this weekend & ciroc is smooth as fuck puff. legitimately is a mogul plus he aint turn his back on the community. not to say he he could do more but as a symbol of a hustlin ass nigga u gotta tip ya hat

  • YourFriend27

    Like Both of these songs At The Same Damn Time !