• Flocka Flocka Waka Waka Flocka Flocka. Brick Squuuuuuuuuuuuuad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LakeShore

    Broner has much skill but is starting to remind me of a young Zab Judah who is worried too much about the outside factors and flashiness. Broner couldn’t even make weight for the fight and had to give up his belt. We see what happened to Zab the first time he met a serious boxer when he did the harlem shake in the ring. His career was never the same. An early loss may do Broner good but he is a very special boxer.

  • uptown

    broner does a good job of impersonating his hero in the ring #MoneyMayweather, he is very skilled but i want to see him fight a A class fighter, i’m not fully convinced yet……

  • drake is not a rapper

    That’s not something to be proud of

  • Bring 8-bit back

    I hope Broner doesn’t become another causality like Naseem Hamed. It’s all fun and games with the humor and flashiness until they get knocked the fuck out. I hope that’s not the case with him.

  • That was sooo awkward

  • IIG

    Broner vs. Gamboa, make it happen.

  • ben

    Broner tries to be Floyd.

  • Patty

    How is it that Cincinnati is classfied as a metropolitan area populated by over two million people, and journalist’s still can’t spell the name of our city right?

  • Swaver

    thats because their not really journalist, Patty

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Owww waka is so wavy, he has those kissable lips like my Italian boy toy from the shore, I miss u poppy I didn’t give this booty too no one else while u were gone from south Florida!!! Omg

  • mmg

    neck full of ice