• YunG based god

    fat maine has no swag

  • Piringle

    This clown in the video can’t be serious with that damn nose ring…

    Niggas try too hard to be different and end up looking disabled.

  • @donricoesq

    Mystikal must be hurting for cash cuz why else would he allow Birdman and his cartoon characters weigh him down……Mystikal got hits and wont make another one with Tiny Toons around

  • Black Shady

    Green Screen ass niggas!!!! everytime we see them…they in front of a damn green screen

    fuck these niggas

  • birdshit aka waynes “daddy” HOMO ASS

    @Black Shady…yup n birdman a supposedly “5 star G” but you will never catch that nigga ON THE STREETS….on ANY street in public without 6-8 7ft bodyguards….smh….why he never with his “bloods”? why he dont rep a set? its always just “blood this n blood that” but never claims a set smh….these niggaz the “tourbus/green screen bloods”

  • JOHNYblaze

    Damn yo i NEVER comment on here but watching this HURTS.
    PRINGLE & @donricoesq and all the comments down from there are right on point! Mystikals whole body language is that of a dude working because the pay is decent and might not have many other options like that. Weighed down is the best word for it though he seems like hes not fully there just physically, and we all know nolimit is beyond dead now so thats that. And word these niggas had the same bitches in their last 6 videos btw do something new already man.

  • JOHNYblaze

    **btw who is that clown with the nosering?? Id feel more comfortable if he was just openly gay but how you a gangsta and all that shit but got a dangle earring??? Fuck being different thats just some theatrical shit brotha……. niggas are really like a touring musical hood circus……smfh and to think i supported all the cds from guerilla warefare till carter1 thats like 20+ albums.

  • frankyg

    Mystikal lookin’ hella uncomfortable with these clowns around him..

  • brookI

    CANT THIS NIGGAS BE A ALIL CREATIVE and go shot a video outside in real world,smh always on some bs like filming studios and shit go to NO and shoot a video like ross smh lol and detail look stupid as hell with that nose ring got damn ugly a fuck …lol its detail with the nose ring a dope as producer….

  • @donricoesq

    Jblaze is dead right about Mystikals body language…..the whole world can see that yet Birdman is just. Concerned with how he look. Hey Birdman, you know Khadaffi had surrounded himself with YesMen too

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