• ridalen

    no cyhi makes this cover perfect.

  • Jason

    ^^ i was thinking the exact same thing

  • Real Talk.

    ^^ So yall will rather 2 Chainz than Cyhi? smh these blogs got yall brainwashed, what next? Rick Ross is the GOAT? I Think I’ve already seen that. smfh


    i don’t like 2chainz or cyhi, i think both are weak. especially when compared to legends like kanye, common and qtip.

  • No Mr. Hudson… I can now sleep in peace!

  • So Common went back to G.O.O.D. music? Guess that independence didn’t work out. Dope cover

  • Los

    Kid Cudi>


    That reminds me of the MMG Self Made 2 cover allot…Am I the only one?


  • Da Business

    Dope cover and article. GOOD is the best team in the league. ‘Ye covered all bases w/ his roster, looking forward to Cruel Summer.

  • ?

    he left but still makes music with him

  • edi

    ALL i got to say is my team is better than your team

    GOOD MUSIC>> Any team

    we the greates on any level (except money but we getting there)

  • Prophet

    Complex might as well be GOOD Magazine since every month they feature them on it.

  • Realniggashit


  • FoReal

    Man how you got a good music cover but no quotes from Ye’ ???? SMH Complex is whack.

  • ridalen

    Kanye hasnt done press for 2 years now…yall forgot?

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Cruel Summer is on the way !



  • Jungle

    Cyhi got flow don’t know why he didn’t make the cut

  • big steve

    is 2 chainz G.O.O.D ?

  • so by the cover pusha t is head honcho? hahah ridiculous!
    kid cudi is the only one with a consistent fanbase..and actually has good acting career also
    everyone else is underachievers except sean

  • Really?

    Bwahaha!!! So much for originality. This looks exactly like the self made 2 cover. Cruel summer just got pushed back also. I’m not a hater I’m actually looking forward to this album. This the best team? Your out of your mind. None if these guys can sell over 500k first week probably overall also except for kanye west.

  • Dope Chan

    That don’t even look like 2 Chainz. Is that Derrick Rose?

  • cemal

    why does john legend look like an asian kid who just got anally raped?

  • Clint

    No Teyana Taylor half nekkidness?

  • DRE1


  • dee

    so this cover is tuff but MMG self made 2 cover (which came out first) isn’t???


    No Cyhi? Hahahaha its the MMG Pill situation all over again. Those two along with Consequence need to start a label called D.E.C.E.N.T. MUSIC. And where is yasiin bey acting ass?

  • Dj Tha-Ro

    Why’d it say “Minus Kanye” he’s right there on the side of Pusha T…

  • Im your Pusha

  • mike

    is that 2 chainz 2nd from bottom ?

  • reallydoe

    CyHi should of made the cover I’m feeling that Ivy League Club

  • JD

    2 chainz looks like Ryan Leslie lol

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  • Jayman

    Cyhi and Teyana are in G.O.O.D. music’s D-League

  • t dot j

    lmaoooo @jayman.. G.O.O.D. Music’s D-League ..Yeezy dnt promote my nigga Cyhi smh, its lyk he’s still independent

  • F.I.V.E.

    2 Chainz ain’t on this cover.

  • IM730

    Thats^^^ what I thought. I was about to say pretty smart move to have Ryan Leslie aswell as John Legend. Two r&b hit makers.

  • zezzoi

    Complex always got these great articles/interviews with the swiftness. From Kid Cudis shit, Em/Royces, this, man they put out some quality ass work.

  • Nadrojj

    2 chainz? Yuck.

  • Brendan74

    Damn that could have been so much better…

  • The Real

    So why are people bringing up the MMG self made cover…

  • Dope cover. Mad Cyhi not on the cover. Common was always on GOOD Music. He never left. He only left Island Def Jam..

  • thawilsta

    RapRadar blind or some shit Kanye is right there on the left side. who the fuck did they think that was?

  • dee

    @thereal cause its basically the same thing just cause they dont use the pic for the same thing doesnt mean they didnt copy mmgs album cover

  • Marko-v
  • CK

    cihy is dope as fuck. why not? ya’ll should listen to his 2 first mixtapes, they’re incredible. Ya’ll don’t make sense

  • F.I.V.E.

    Can everyone stop complaining ’bout CyHi…. On the bottom it says “AND MORE” that includes him too logically.

  • Yadiggz

    CYHI IS DA BEST spitter on that GOOD MUSIC. What about my nigga MOs Def?
    Q tip is washed up and John Legend hasnt doen nothing worthy in years. Stop it 5

  • young

    No D’banj…hence marc echo flopped….can someone explain why some peops were left out?cyhi, most def, Mr Hudson etc etc

  • TA

    cyhi got bars yall sleepin. check out ivy league.

  • Mic Check

    dope magazine cover

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  • damn they shitted on Cyhi.I guess it’s because he ain’t made a hit yet and got no major deal.

    Religious ppl gonna be mad about this shit
    Loch Spaz Out Apache Cafe Live Show http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J32kt0gpn-U

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