• fuk waka

    So how are the sales going for the MMG album? would it ever see gold?
    oh no We don’t talk about that!

  • baous

    Greatest documentary ever. Greatest record label.group ever. GFID – album of the millennium

  • So muthafukas still talkin about sales?!! Fuck sales. Who’s selling units anyway?? The all time great Nas just did 130 on an album he went everywhere promoting. Dave letterman, espys,kimmel,n countless others. The material is the best judge not sales

  • Evil

    rick ross got robbed in the D.LOL

  • Jinx

    Dope Documentary I like how you get to see behind the music industry when the major cameras cut off and see how people respond to Ross and his crew.

  • ShitLikeThisKillsHipHop

    HIP HOP is dead at the day Pac died now yall listen and embrace fakeness yall lie to yourselves


    I could understand if you don’t like dude music…but niggas be like “he hustles too much”…You gotta give points to ppl with ambition. And cut that “hip hop is dead” shit…Go out there and make some more!


  • kayandgee

    that was great viewing even haters gotta admit that

  • Black Shady

    I see Rozay tryna act like he’s really just tryna help these niggas’ careers and shit, helping dem to reach their goals/dreams
    but theres no way he aint pimpin them. c’mon now lol

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Yes ! The MMG comedy documentary. I need a good laugh that press conference was a good start.

  • Bigshouts211Dtown

    deez lamez stay mic’d and cam’d up wonder y…? documentary huh deez niggaz got a reality show

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    DOUBLE M G (meek voice)

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    ZoomZoomDad-Otis says:
    Monday, July 23 2012 at 7:52 PM EST
    DOUBLE M G (meek voice)
    MMG groupie using my name SMH.

  • Rick Ross

    Fuck i just saw the whole video… what has my life come to, these nigs doing it tho, i wanna see my nig Rockie take the fuck off and Stalley looks promising

  • Jay Jones

    Good looking plus they tried to push Stalley on this one!!!!
    we gotta applaud the grind and hustle…they are doing it! in these days and times where music ain’t selling…MMG they do it!

  • frankyg

    where gunplay at lol!! naah but for real tho, gotta respect ross how he rides for all these guys.. Really not evident to give all these hungry brothers their shine and still he makes it happen!!

  • frankyg

    fluff daddy, gay z, curtis, birdfan should all take a lesson on him.. instead of just using your artists just ride hard with your artists.. even omarion who’s clearly out of place in this circle knows he joined the tightest squad in the building.. fuck politics just choose your members very carefully and you’re good2go for a looong ride!!

  • 85

    Nikka, I ain’t taking no advice from fake ass bitchezz, boai !

  • really23

    MMG best rhymin crew in the game.

    They smash yM
    They destroy CTE
    They ain’t realer than 1017, but they rap better
    Shady 2.0 got better lyricists, but they boring imho
    GOOD is they strongest comp, but they won’t ever compete w/each other.

  • King Chandler

    Wow, Omarion cant get off Breezy’s jock huh, now he’s bitin the nose ring shit too, smh, I know breezy aint the only dude with a nose piercing but this shit is obvious, what he wait 2 weeks after breezy, dude can’t come close singing or dancing, pick a different lane bruh, the R&B shit sewed up. You know you got talent when you make the world ignore the fact that you beat the shit outta your chick because your music’s so tight. Anyway, Wale is drugged out every time I see him now, all he raps about is what most people rap about nowadays, trees, bottles, bitches, dude just abandoned his core fanbase for the change. Meek is dope, cna’t really get a grip on what he’s like personality wise and Stalley seems like he’s the most humble, despite that twitter outburst but everybody loses it due to frustration at some point, and Rozay will get a XL rating for GFID based off dickriding alone despite the quality of the music. I did think his verse on Accident Murderers was one of his best yet though.


    ShitLikeThisKillsHipHop says:
    Monday, July 23 2012 at 5:19 PM EST
    HIP HOP is dead at the day Pac died now yall listen and embrace fakeness yall lie to yourselves

    2Pac couldn’t rap lol. Rhyming Hennessy and enemy don’t make you an emcee. Rick Ross is the better rapper when it comes to the two.

  • Mag

    Cool doc. Heavy Stalley focus

  • MR.M

    officer ricky!!! HUGH! BOSS! STFU

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