Nas Life Is Good Miami Release Party

Nas brought the good life down to South Beach on Saturday for his album release party at Cameo. Above, JRoc catches Escobar running through “Bye Baby” and “Daughters”.

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  • strongisland

    happy for the homie Nas.. theres a difference between the most successful ($$, etc..) and being the greatest artist… Niggaz cant hold a fucken candle to NAS..he changed the game with illmatic and is doing it again with this album

    lets not forget eerybody’s fav. rapper switched up his flow to idolize the great 1 Nas/

  • Jinx

    Love It! Life Is GOOD 5STARS!

  • Crono

    I totally agree! Jay knows who the best really is. He even said it in Dead Presidents haha

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    I didn’t know NAS was down here saturday night. Hip Hop legend.

  • marko-v

    Nas is the G.O.A.T.

  • marko-v

    THIS ALBUMB IS SICKKKKKKKKK!!! Big ups Nas, one of the G.O.A.T’s




  • rahrahrah

    Not feeling bye baby… Understand where he was coming from, but can’t stand to listen to the song.

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  • frankyg

    NAS THE GREATEST,, There really ain’t nothing else to say about him… How many years he’s been in the bizz and he’s more relevant than ever… Copped his cd 3x times just because i’m thankfull we still have a brother left that delivers powerfull messages to ‘the people’ , and making a contribution to the hiphop culture and music in general

  • Lifeisgood

    Life is good

  • jesus

    LIFE IS GOOD … album of the year .. lets go esco

  • Kemosabi

    His best most consistent and truest effort since I have no idea. It wasn’t rushed the album flows from first track to last. It’ll stand the test of time which is how I judge albums (not #’s)