New Music: Iggy Azalea x Mike Posner “Flash”

Iggy Azalea sets the mood for some sexual seduction on her brand new track featuring Mike Posner. This will be featured on her upcoming Glory EP. Video also coming soon.

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  • its aight…


    No lie…that was pretty good. Keep it up gal. PS. Love the Autotune PSA at the end.



    This chick is heatin up.

  • yo

    This was hot. No lie

  • Gary

    this song is wack as fuck, Mike Posner should have kept the whole beat for himself. Iggy has no future in rap music….she’s not a product of her environment she’s a damn fraud, at least Kreyshawn and that dirty ass V-Nasty were from the gutters of Oakland and acted like that for a reason. Iggy we dont believe you……you need more people. and Tip is a snitch

  • Aggie Pride

    The beat nice. The Hook is dope. Iggy’s flow is horrible on this song. I’m sorry this could of been a dope song but its whack.

  • FCA2012



    So who did Tip snich on? You haters have been sayin this for 3 years now. Wheres your proof? All you have is one crime stoppers vid and that doesnt prove anything.

  • a thought

    Is this Kid Sister on the low low? haha

  • King Chandler

    @Gary… Your favorite rapper could be a snitch you lame, you don’t chill with these people and know them personally, I don’t even bump Tip like that I just can’t stand when people post fuckery like they were best friends in high school with these artists. If you only listened to the “REAL” people your ipod would probably be filled with elementary ass trash lyrics. I judge music quality, I don’t give a fuck if these dudes dance around in dresses when they go home, put out a dope product and i’ll cop it.

  • Tev

    @King Chandler..Co-Sign

  • Gary

    and yall are the same people who support young money and other wack ass rappers….dont tell me about quality if you think this shit is hot…..and yall still think T.I had a great lawyer? get the fuck out of here…haha only frauds support frauds and I dont participate in the fuckery.

  • @gary so she not a product of her environment rite lol so ig u lived next door to iggy all her life stfu proli never left the u.s. nd tip a snitch lol yea sure we all knw nd he still gettin money right so whn ur dne ur still irrelevant to everybody u wnt to b relevant too including tip snitch on these dude

  • PEEP

    this shoulda stayed in the studio archive


    Mike Posner likely made the beat too, shouldve put some one else on it

  • Hu Liu Kim

    So, they really expect the culture to really like this chic? For what reason?

    This gimmick is worst than Vanilla Ice.

  • Gary

    I actually lived in the UK and 4 different states…get Iggy and Tip’s dick out your mouth… are one of the illnesses of society, sheep that will follow whatever the fuck your told to follow….this bitch isnt hip hop or rap she’s a gimmick and thats a FACT thats why nobody supports her music even Outkast couldnt save this broad and they are the most respected Artist to ever do music not just rap

  • TheFakeTray

    Rap Radar….your lack of shade throwing on the abysmal Iggy Azalea suggests to me that you’re in the pockets of a certian somebody…

    Miss Azealia Banks just got 7.6/10 for her mixtape on Pitchfork (you know, the ones who give most things 4/10 on a regular basis) and 8/10 at Spin Magazine…and yet you shade her as though you’re being paid.

    And here we have Iggy Azalea….completely lacking any natural propensity for rap, no flow, no wordplay…if you try, you can actually HEAR the effort that went into her “rapping”, and you’re suspiciously quiet on the shade front.

    What’s the deal, huh?