• Get Real

    And* Spell check/proof read much?

  • The Holy Fortune Cookie

    ^stfu bitch. Whack rappers, whack video

  • dee

    this is terrible i exppected more from a nore and wale track that other nigga is trash

  • rrahha

    keep it coming Nore….fuck da bum ass haters!

  • Guare456

    if u aint press play strickly for bloody money.. then i cant fuck wit u

  • Ummah_es_Salaam

    real shit nore need to go put that war report on repeat, zone out, & find that nigga before pone went in. the war report was one of the best discs to come outta the 90’s ‘body n the trunk’ & ‘sometimes’ is my shit too but that war report was that shit. I aint from new york but every nigga I had listenn to that shit down my way was feelin that shit. som ol fuck nigga broke in our crib n stole all my fuckin cd’s and shit back in the day then when I went to get another copy of the war report years after they had a different version of ‘closer’ on it that I wasnt feelin but if nore trying to make som noise again then he gotta go back to how he first got his fans and revive that ol circle of niggas stop embracing this new school, him and wale dont mix, he woulda been better puttin Prodigy and Jada on that bitch or Nas on that bitch, then it wouldnt sound like som generic NY booty shakin shit. thats part of the problem what happened to NY rap, no disrespect to yaw niggas or jay-z but he changed the vibe up there after niggas seen his commercial success and it was like mafuckas got confused bout they idenity up that bitch or something but niggas dont wanna hear that chicken noodle soup type shit maybe except for NY

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