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  • JustMyOpinion

    I’ll save my fellow Rap Radar-ites 8 minutes of their lives. ‘Break 1’ is pretty much filled with Flex just TALKING. Don’t waste your time.

    ‘Break 2’ is him talking about the Pete Rock situation-you’ve heard this story before.

    *thinking* Why do Flex whisper?



  • Aggie Pride

    Break 1: At the end of break 1 this nigga (Lupe) acting stupid about the Colorado shooting. (LUPE) “Like what tragedy happen over the weekend was it in Chicago.. New Orleans.. I mean other people died over the weekend too.” LUPE shut the fuck up you ignorant piece of shit. The Colorado shooting was THE WORST shootings in America to date. SMFH



  • Cal

    I love Lupe but what a sanctimonious douchebag! Diminishing the deaths of the shooting victims by coyly pretending to wonder if the deaths happened in other states “you know other people died too?” Like, what an asshole thing to say, I’d love it for him to say that shit to victim’s families!

  • NoSoup4Yu

    Was that a actual freestyle? This niggas amazing! Can’t wait for F&L2, that shitty lasers was un-listen-to-able

  • moreffa

    “blow his fuse”

    this old fat nigga felx be hanging at the transformer clubs with mr c

  • Tokyo Tony


  • Phonte

    damn, that freestyle though. gotta bring that back

  • RRcoolJ

    nigga caught a body on that freestyle. goodness

  • Rome

    i think you missed his point Cal.

    He’s saying black folks are dying by the numbers in cities like Chicago, and NO, but the mainstream media won”t report on it. And no one cares.

    “other PEOPLE died too.” The killing of black people whether by the hands of police of other black people is systematically ignored in America.

    Colorado was a tragedy. 12 people died b/c of ONE deranged gunman. In Chicago, 27 people were killed in separate shootings. Lupe makes it his duty to speak on-behalf of the voiceless. just respect it.

  • Rome

    separate shootings in July alone.*

  • How Wonderful…

    Hey, I agree with Lupe. In all due respect the deaths in Colorado were horrific, but i said the same thing. Kids in Chicago, N.O. and sadly the four year killed by the stray bullet in the Bronx the other night go virtually unoticed. The media has tendency to focus on tragedies that affect middle to upperclass white communities. Im trully sad for the victims in Colorado, but im also saddened by the fact that Blacks being killed all over the country dont have the same value. A life is a life. The media makes it clear that if you are of the uppercrust, then your life has more value, but this is what Lupe is supposed to do. Nothing wrong with a little challenge and open and honest discussion.

  • e

    murders are so frequent in chicago that its not even news anymore and the child getting killed by a stray bullet is kinda played out too. now whats news worthy is a guy setting booby traps at his crib then going on a killing spree at a batman movie premiere proclaiming that he is the joker. if this had happened in harlem the only difference would be that the victims from harlem wouldnt have faces (see cnn victim montage)

  • kitchen


  • “Oh that thing” really you ignorant fuck no matter what race it is we are all humans and you joking about the massacre…
    Wasnt this bitch talkin bout how all the songs now are the same this nigguh just contributing to it by talking bout moli, MAC’S and straps

  • cru

    whoopi goldberg

  • a lot of people on this website are stupid

    i think what lupe is trying to say is that when some black/brown kids get shot down in new orleans or chicago nobody cares but when the victims are white, it’s suddenly an outrage. What happened with the batman shooter goes on daily within inner city areas but the media completely ignores it.

    Noam Chomsky: [about 9/11] ”Obviously a horrible atrocity but, you know I reacted pretty much the way people did around the world. Terrible atrocity, but unless you’re in Europe and the United States you know, or Japan I guess, you know, it’s nothing new. That’s the way the imperial powers have treated the rest of the world for hundreds of years. This is historic event but not, unfortunately not because of scale but for the nature of the atrocity, but because of who the victims were. You look through hundreds of years of history, the imperial countries have been basically immune. There’s plenty of atrocities, but they’re somewhere else. ”

    Lupe shits on your favourite rapper lyrically. if you like ABC 123 rhymers go listen to 2chainz. if you like an artist with substance that uses metaphors, double entendres, similies etc. (which actually takes talent) then listen to lupe fiasco.

    The white men who run these record labels will give you a deal, clothe you, feed you, provide women and cars as long as you protect the status quo and keep your mouth shut about imperialism, racism and class. If you go against the grain, they’ll shut you down, which Atlantic tried to do with Lupe’s LASERS album. Don’t shoot down the messenger

  • i became a lupe fan when i heard the cool…. that album is certified lava …. i hope F&L2 can be better or if not close to it.


  • Royalty of this shyt!

    Dope shyt mang!

  • Nathaniel

    double co-sign @Rome and @How Wonderful…

    no need to restate what y’all eloquently explained.

    but yo… that freestyle? who is doing that in 2012? that nigga’s trademark witty wordplay be oozing through the freestyle lines n shit lol. crazy.


    @a lot of people on this website are stupid COSIGN. Lupe seems to be the only person in mainstream Hip Hop bringing about these types of conversations to spaces like this.

    and then backs it up with a REAL freestyle!

    There will be a day when all will recognize Lu as the GOAT.

  • PHREASHest

    We all understand what Lupe was tryna do by referring to NO and Chicago but I’m pretty sure he could have gone about it without coming off as such a pretentious prick. We would not be going on about this if he had simply said .”…condolences to to the families of the Colorado shooting but let’s not forget about those who lost their lives in New Orleans and Chicago too.” It was straight up disrespectful for him to coyly act like he didn’t know about Colorado just to make a statement.

    That being said, that freestyle is probli the reason why he thinks he can do shit like that. Dude is light years ahead of most of the rappers out right now. “…refer to my memories of scenes and lines and rhymes//to put together for these times//right off the top like suicide jumpers, landing on your block…” OR “…and can’t nobody stop when the dreads is grown long//so imma keep it Marley, and never sip barley//the beer be the poison in the Food and the Liquor//and you watch and study the moves of the niggas…” Damn!

  • Kobi

    Was he talking about Dead End Hip Hop on YouTube in part 2 about the guys in the studio?

  • deez

    dudes first album food and liquor was dope, now he should just kick, push his was out the industry and invest in someshit and call it a career..

  • Blah blab Lupe is so smart. He goes against the grain and presents himself as a unique character with very offbeat opinions that are designed to make you think!

    Unfortunately, he’s actually a gimmick rapper that has just carved out a niche with smart/dumb niggas who think he’s so damn profound when he’s just a semi intelligent cat who throws a bunch of shit at the wall to see what sticks.

    Whoopi Fiasco!

  • Oh yea and that freestyle was Wayne Brady status.

  • hazz

    Lupe needs to speak into the mic

  • King

    You punks are sitting there talking about how Lupe didn’t mean what he said, but then in the very next sentence you prop him up as a deep thinker the greatest lyricist of our generation.

    A conscious lyricist does NOT accidentally shit on the families of a recent tragedy just to make a point. Lupe is either a total piece of shit, or an overrated wordsmith.

  • KingChandler

    He could have gotten his point across and still shown a little compassion, I understand your mad that other killings get overlooked everyday but you shouldn’t ignore the Colorado shooting or make it seem like it was nothing, smh. Im not even gonna go in on dudes look, that shit is wayyyyyyy to easy, and trust me, those glasses basically crack on themselves, dude’s just a horrible human being for saying that.

  • Beezy

    This nigga is a turd. I was a big fan of Food and Liquor 1 and even The Cool. But once this nigga opens his mouth in public he comes off as a pretentious, fake, materialistic, self-righteous revolutionary. He touts social justice causes and then encourages the youth not to vote. He screams against poverty and then stunts on you in a freestyle about his cars and owns a clothing line (Trilly & Truly) that charges 100 bucks a pop for T-Shirts and $4000 for a leather camo vest. Ironically, high priced clothing marketed towards the urban community is the kind of shit that fuels the drug trade and the crime and violence that comes along with it through materialism.

    Then he goes on The Bill O’Reilly Show and looks like the fucking idiot rapper that tries to sound smart and gets shit on by not being fully informed about the issues discussed. And then has the nerve to belittle a tragedy from a group of people that got shot up at a movie theatre??? Fuck you Lupe! Folks die in Chicago and New Orleans at a high rate (mostly through the druge trade which is a life they chose, fully aware of the consequences), but to make that point at the expense of a tragedy is a sucker move. How was this tragedy any different from the innocents that die in wars that you always scream about on your songs?? This nigga is a fraud. He is just as lost and confused as his “complex” bars.

  • b


  • Smoove

    If they reported how many niggaz kill each other everyday..there wouldnt be enough time to report the weather. As a 30 yr old black man myself from the hood..I left the hood and went to college, black people get shot and murdered here in NC all the time. Its reported here in NC all the time. I dont expect to here a report about a hood nigga thats bout that life that got killed in Chicago. Them folks in Colorado wont bout that life they were watching a fucking movie. The same one I saw on Friday, it could have been me.

  • SkiDAROC

    Lu knows how it goes with the media and coverage when something like this happens. Its just the way it always has been, but that freestyle shows you why he’s in a league of his own. The only mainstream rapper that can consistently kick rhymes off the dome is at this level is Common. Dude is just a genius.

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    No matter what kind of a scene Lupe makes, he’s speaking the truth– whether his truth is different than yours or not. I admire that he’s his own brand and always will be. Just like Jay-Z has built, Lupe empire will always reign. Good conversation here!