• Lorgao

    who the F is this dude? lol

    Make sure yall support LEBRON in his new movement this is important to the black community – https://www.facebook.com/NAHA2012 …funniest thing I saw all day.

  • This beat is dope. I like the song too saying some real life shit.
    Hit me on twitter for beats @ONEMANBEATS

  • brl

    Let’s stop for a minute, his name is .38 Spesh? *DEAD* C’mon, that is hilarious. Ha! This song is funny as hell. How much did this guy pay RR to post this? This video is about money, right? Ha!

  • Jonny

    dope and tape is hot

  • Real Talk

    Tape is dope some real street shit.

  • BxWavy

    real life hip hop! stay on it my nigg