New Video: Kreayshawn “Go Hard (La. La. La.)”

Kreayshawn emerges from the woodwork with a new single and video to boot. For what it’s worth, this will appear on her debut, Somethin

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  • ……hm.

  • Clit Dick

    If this was Rita Ora id most likely like the shit, but its this lil ugly white bit fuckit

  • ain’t nobody offed this little chick yet… lol

    Make sure yall support LEBRON in his new movement N.A.H.A. (Negros Against Hairline Abuse)


  • killallwhites

    white people have constantly made bad decisions throughout history. This is one of them

  • Swagme

    Black people have constantly made bad decisions constantly throughout history. Half of them.

  • Faded

    White people have made bad decisions throughout history, Obama being one of em

  • Khalifa

    Hahahahahahahahahhahahahahaahaha fuck obama..and let’s not be racist here. It’s a music blog

  • Pussy Pleaser

    Foreal tho ha fuck black ass obama that nig tripping trying to take over the world and shit, straight up getting control of Europe, uhh what else…. Oh that nig got straight up full control of the country when in a crisis, this bitch authorized 30,000 to fly around america and shit fuck Obama

  • Pussy Pleaser

    30,000 *drones

  • Santa

    Kreayshawn makes me go hard. That’s about it.

  • Kali

    she’s better than Lil B though

  • Khalifa

    Im black but black ppl r so stupid. All em voted for Obama just cuz he black like WTF? Who cares what color he is he’s a piece of shit…vote for the guy who gon take the least amount of $ from u…c’mon black ppl be smart.

  • djdoit

    she is a little better the lil b


    I thought we went through this already…SOmeone escort this woman out. Horrible…I don’t even know what to call this music…”Krey-ap”?


  • blackgodlover1979

    Yo … this bitch is kinda sweet yo … look at em curves ….shes filled out …. i like the taste and feel of cali..forn.i.a white sweet hip hop bitch trying to hard … lol

    Soon she’ll undertstand ….


  • DJ Game

    For what its worth it’s actually not bad. Better than what nicki puts out. Check out the scratching in the production. Her own way of pretending to scratch the record. It is hip hop influenced but it’s not hip hop. This is mainstream pop from a white girl that supposedly grew up in the bay so she is 90s hip hop influenced. All in all this is what today’s music is. It is what it is.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    New Video: Kreayshawn

  • Jer

    This is pretty catchy. I can dig it.

  • Yall motherfuckers act like Congress don’t run shit!!!!
    The President has no power like y

  • I MISS THE 90S

    i’d love to smoke a blunt with Kreayshawn.

    i’d love for Kreayshawn to sit on my face.

    i never want to hear her make music unless its on par or better then Gucci Gucci ever again.

  • Killa K

    This is absolutely horrendous in every sense of the word

  • MR.M

    i’d break her off, thats about it…

  • RealRapAgain

    These bitches talking about Obama don’t even know who their local congressmen are. They’re either a trolling cracker white boy who are internally conflicted because they hate black people but love the shit we do or some ignorant dumb nigger who don’t even vote, or if they do skip every other box but president because they think that’s all it takes.

    Why don’t you stupid fucks look at what’s wrong with the country and how we got there. Learn about the Republican agenda of deregulation and what position the country is in due to it.

    How about keep that shit off Thanks.

  • JBA$ED


  • JBA$ED


  • LocDog

    horrible. this is what happens when a label signs someone based off fake youtube views.

  • ClarkR

    calm down the track is fun

  • X

    Congress? The first two years of Obama’s term, the Democrats had a super-majority, and the Republicans had no power whatsoever. And now, the houses are split, with Democrats in charge of the Senate and the presidency, while the Republicans are left holding the House and their dick. Everything that has happened in the last 3.5 years (or not happened, as the case may be) was a direct result of the Democratic agenda.

    I’m not saying Republicans are better than Democrats. I’m saying grow the fuck up, quit being so naiive and figure out that NONE of them have your best interests at heart. They barely even pretend.

  • Joe

    That hook will be crack to her target demo: 12-18 year old girls. If you think of the song in its rightful context, she did what she was supposed to do. If you think of this song as something even remotely trying to resemble “real hip hop”, you’re going to hate it. Context is everything.

  • R Kelly

    the king mike g with the cameo. ofwgkta.

  • THIS SHIT IS HORRIBLE THEE END. hook not bad but the lyrics are a joke a sad one at that

  • Scrilla

    She has a album dropping? LOL Who knew 8k first week

  • Funny Oneman, I thought the hook was terrible and enjoyed her verses more. Production > Artist

    I’m starting to think there is a hint of satire in all of it, which would be genius really.

  • @serisony

    There is definitely a shade of satire. Check out L$D- its an all girl punk/fusion group with Kreayshawn, Grimes and a couple other chicks. The only track they did was a video called “Dont Smoke My Blunt, Bitch,” which was completed in 15 minutes and kinda gives some insight into the perspective that they write music from.

  • theraflu

    cute song, its not bad…stop hating…dry dick blog trolls

  • still best rite now!!

    FOH…this trashy skank can only pray she’s as good as the Basedgod oneday

  • Patrycja


  • Don Don

    Obama 2012!!