• Converse

    I hit this bitch once have her walking sideways for days

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Future porn star and I like it

  • Johno

    besides her being cute she’s has no other talent…

    Make sure yall support LEBRON in his new movement N.A.H.A. (Negros Against Hairline Abuse) – https://www.facebook.com/NAHA2012 …funniest thing I saw all day.

  • really23

    I love when folks speak in the 3rd person…

  • I guess

    It’s not what you do
    It’s who you know, and how you look

  • Drake is not a rapper

    I’ve never heard of her

  • Clit Dick
  • Yall bugging.Rita got great music and is already a star in the UK.She’s dope.Fuck what yall talking bout.
    Loch Spaz Out Apache Cafe Live Show http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J32kt0gpn-U

  • frankyg

    roc nation is doing a hella of a good promotion..they got nothing to say about her so why not keep on trying to compare her to rihanna smh.. really this gimmick is played out already!! this bitch got one relevant (drumnbass) song and will be out of the picture by beginning of next year.. rihanna was poppin’ worldwide in almost every market since her start and has mass appeal, this one is simply not dope enough.. jay is still angry on rihanna so he’s trying to prove a point to her but it’s not gonna work