Behind The Scenes: Meek Mill Ft. Trey Songz, Wale & DJ Sam Sneaker “Face Down”

Meek’s still promoting Dreamchasers 2 and has begun shooting the project’s next video, “Face Down”. From the looks of it, the clip seems rather simplistic. We’ll see soon enough.

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  • JackBahlzak

    Oh that! Always tells it like it is *giggle*

    Juz kiddin, like the song, hopefully the video is good.

    That iz all…

  • Q.B


  • WTF happened Got that phone call? Aggie comment gone2.#powercircle

  • MMG

    WHY promotion dreamchaser2 is album coming next month…..smell like push back

  • MMG


  • jeezy

    By the way William Roberts..album leaked..its Ass juice!!

  • Jack Bahlzak

    Hell yeah ima go DL that shyt. He dont need my $$ cuz hes rich forever!!!

  • jeezy

    He took a few weak subliminal shots @ jeezy

  • Why So Serious

    That joint with 3 stacks is dope

  • nijea

    Out of all the other songs he chose to do a video for this foul ass song. Smh. Huge force.

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