• dmc

    Welcome to Our House Bitches!! 8/28

  • buking

    why am i anticipating this mixtape more than their album?

  • John

    This is what’s wrong with rap now smh. This shit is lame and un original with no dope punchlines.

  • Yup !




    HA !

  • Why So Serious

    @buking right!

  • Zed’s Dead, baby.

    Why can’t I convince myself to anticipate either the mixtape or the album? Is it because the last good song I heard from them came out almost a year ago? (The Illest) Or maybe because they’ve been trying so incredibly hard to sell out with all of their new material? (My Life, Throw It Away) Is it because none of them ever seem to go an entire verse without getting off beat at some point anymore? Is it because as they step further into the public eye, we realize that each individual member is kinda corny as a person? Or is it just a cocktail of all of this shit?

  • HipHopCritic

    Trust me the album will be one of the greats.

  • Whitey

    No dope punch lines? Royce’s and joes entire verses are punch line after punch line. Ain’t no one touching these guys lyrically. true hip hop heads love these dudes, so if you think they suck go listen to some more MMG

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis


  • Cool A

    Dope as usual! Slaughterhouse is the shit!

  • da 5’9

    fucking dope, buddens verse espically

  • SMP12

    This is there style.. they throw lyrics at you so fast that only people with real ears can understand
    I admit they cant make no club songs but they sure can rap

  • JigSaw3

    Yelawolf didn’t get dropped. And slaughterhouse is the shit.

  • Dopey dope!

  • Mag

    They really gon’ put a mixtape out right before the album? Why?

  • I think people hate cause Slaughter is rapping fast and very intelligent and they DON’T LISTEN TO LYRICS! Just like Eminem said in “Syllables” song. Its not about lyrics. Y’all need to pay attention. Give it a few listens and really listen! SMH

  • wow. sick. dope. hard. na$ty. hip-hop^^^^^ on real shieeet. no 808 clap 808 clap. one chorus shit. thank god . really thankyou slaughteR

  • Hda

    Bun B is right. Rappers using Batman/Colorado is some Hoe Shit.

  • JigSaw3

    Yeah. Everyone only cares about beats now and thats ridiculous. These are four of the best lyricists in rap. Especially Royce and crooked.

  • Jerz


  • Its all good. I aint hatin cause they want the beat to be good but dont critique the rapper if the beat aint good if they are killin it sick!

  • sero

    Slaughterhouse has NO LYRICS at all. Every song, every verse, every single bar from them can be boiled down to “I’m such a good rapper, and I’m so much better than you.” That’s it. That’s everything. No variety, no substance, nothing good at all.

    That’s not lyricism. That’s recycled bullshit, just like 2 Chainz.

  • moneymike

    this shit goes hard! im messing with it!

  • @gtfomike

    @ Jerz

    last time i checked he lost against eminems 4th or 5th week sales

  • @gtfomike

    @ sero

    battle rap. now go away

  • sero

    @ dumbass

    Oh I’m sorry. I was under the impression this was a song, not a battle.

  • @sero To quote a song that has substance: “Rain Dropz”. Do some homework. Or how about “Pray (Its A Shame)”? Dont even let me bring up their solo works. FUCK IT! ILL DO IT! Joe Budden – “Pray For Me” or his whole catalog! Royce – “Life”. Crook – “Let Me Buy You A Drink” or “Never Been Hip Hop Weekly Remix” plus more. Joell Ortiz – “Hip Hop” and he has more especially from Road Kill Mixtape. So… Yeah… Listen to songs about bitches, cars, money and all that.

  • t

    you wanna talk about timing… Micheal Jackson’s Death on “Slaughterhouse”

  • t

    and royce is boring now

  • B.Hill Johnson

    My nigga is still in the hospital from that shooting. Too soon Budden, too soon.

  • its tough but really joey

  • ShitLikeThisKillsHipHop

    damn i dont understand how yall can listen to ymcmb or mmg after listen dem niccas slaughtered dem beats ShadyRecords/SlaughterHouse >>>> Rap Industry

  • Evil

    This is dope shit! Royce is ill,crooked is ill and budden was dope.
    Those who dont like this are the fucking softies out there who dont like real rap music.Go listen to that radio bullshit,this is for the hardcore rap fans

  • Got’damn

    Those punchlines flew over TOO many heads.

  • Rhyno

    Obviously Joey didn’t get Bun Bs’ Memo……Smh

  • PistolPistol

    Love how all these Ross ridaz, and finger snapping dudes jump in to hear real lyricists spit… Hahahaha fukin lovin it!
    It’s an all day slaaauuughterrrrr!!!

  • PistolPistol

    Joe n Em on hook ?
    All I want

  • Jay

    Royce omg keep goin! beast mode

  • Allweedneed

    This is one of the illness tracks this yr!! Can’t wait for the album

  • lll

    @Rhyno….Who made Bun B boss? There are plenty of 9/11 references, Joey wasn’t trying to sound gangsta with that line at all…It was simply showing how unafraid he is.

  • niggas need to hop off the dick. this is for a mixtape. they went hard. what else do you want?

  • almost 6 minutes of just straight lyrics….

  • Igloo

    At all of you who hate and doubt this group as a whole is ridiculous. yes they have each had their ups and downs during their career but everybody does and these guys deserve support. They are fresh to my ears in my mind idk about any of you but im def tired of whats been thrown out there in hiphop today and where its headed atleast we have a crew that can keep hiphop on track and not drage it down like iggy, mac miller, tyga, cheif keef , the list goes on and on. So everybody stop complaining and start listening to some interesting lyrics that are always changing. these guys never talk about the same thing unlike every other person out there right now

  • Keith

    They all sounded dope on this beat. I agree that Joey’s Batman line was a bit out of line, but he gets a pass because he came with it otherwise. Excited for this mixtape.

    And, personally, I think Royce flowed the best on this.

  • @p0is0nedkoola

    SlaughterHouse needs PRODUCERS not beat makers to help them! See Wu Tang were able to rock the way they did because RZA is a PRODUCER which means he has an ear for what’s best for the song. SlaughterHosue are so talented and I have been a long time fan of Joe Budden, Crooked I & Joell Ortiz before it was cool to like them. However, they treat every song like a chance to spit their “wittiest/hottest” verse. They don’t give you a flow to get attached to or a clever line to remember. Why do you think something as simple as Royce’s “Hi Rihanna” resonated with so many people? It was clever how Royce built into it and then used it overall but for those who aren’t looking for all that a simple “Hi Rihanna” had everyone smiling and shouting along to it. SlaughterHouse needs an honest producer to say “My dude, this isn’t Kay Slay’s Street Sweepers’ , stop all the blah blah and give me something memorable” Till that happens, it’s not going to go well for SH. Again, I’m a fan, but I’m not going to kid myself and neither should they. I don’t see them selling a lot of copies.

    Follow me on Twitter for real hip hop talk/debate @p0is0nedKoolA

  • PistolPistol

    ^ Em is producing/ mixing their album… It will sell.
    Wtf is the problem? them? or everyone’s eagerness to hate?

  • Desmond

    If the album is just straight spitting, it is going to be wack.

  • Bangers N Mash

    This shit is complete fire.

  • Bangers N Mash

    @Desmond are you kidding me? What do you want… all hooks and dumbed down verses?

  • You can always count on Joe Budden to use some type of current event for a punchline. It kinda ages his music when you hear it years later, but I don’t think it was wild disrespectful

  • The album is gonna have it all. Eminem is behind them dudes! Wait and see! Nas’ singles did just as bad as SlaughterHouse’s and he went #1 with 148k! So… Yeah. Theyll do good!

  • Casper

    Ppl need to take the tampons out their asses. This is hip-hop; its supposed to be timely and offensive. The fucking Batman line made me laugh.


    If only Dre would have assisted to put their album together it would’ve been a classic but unfortunately Em and the rest of the stupid nuts at Interscope will try their best to make these guys sound radio friendly and that wont work. Dr Dre on the other hand is a genius when it comes to understanding an artist and working together with them to create a masterpiece.

  • herohiro

    Mixtape is spitting …their album will be concept based

  • PhillyB

    Am I the only one who thinks the vocal track sounds like it was recorded in a cardboard box with a $15 dollar Wal-Mart mic?? I mean, it’s dope Slaughterhouse as usual, but my goodness…

  • OmegaSun

    Ban sero

  • paul

    Lol @ all the rozay supporters , these 4 dudes lived their lyrics ross never lived one single thing in his lyrics , he’s an officer , he had to have a clean record , graduate , steal an identity , is the worst lyricist to ever grace the scene and the biggest fraud behind the goverment. Rap / hip hop , aint about the beat if it was wed all be listening to intrumentals( an idea for some u mmg and young money fans leave the real stuff to the grown ups) its 80% lyrics 20% beats. U want bars? Punchlines? Laughable lines and below par syllables slaughterhouse the only shit to be on that’s out nowadays.

  • go



    get this mainstream $

  • recognizereal

    FOR A MIXTAPE TRACK this is so dope. soon we will be able to compare wayne n slaughterhouse mixtapes n i bet slaughter eats that tape up

    slaughterhouse n black hippy the best groups in the game hands down not ymcmb and mmg

  • Crook412

    Colorado batman is a touchy subject but had no problem with Joey’s reference. Slaughterhouse is the most talented group out hands down

  • chilleymost


  • NickeyNegrito

    The only thing i can tell or hear is 4 dudes who want to top Eminem or impress Eminem. i always give these dudes a shot, and yes they can rap but thats where it stops. If they always just rhyme like this then it really becomes BORING. Its like a continuation of every other bar they spitted. The only reason i think dudes give them replay value is because THEY ARE SIGNED TO SHADY! Their “goat”rapper.

  • deez

    the mixtape will most likely b more listenable than the actual album..

  • @john and @ sero IDK what yall talking about?Great MCing is the cornerstone of hip hop. All of these dudes got songs about different subjects but, as a group straight killing bars is where their images make sense.

    How SH ain’t got lyrics.They are actually talking about something along with being technically ill lyrically.

    Inside those random punchlines are random insights into life and they got some of the best punchlines.styles, and set ups
    Loch Spaz Out Apache Cafe Live Show http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J32kt0gpn-U

  • jeezy

    Officet Ricky

    Biggest failed cd of the year…god forgives, I don’t leaked…

  • jeezy

    Officet Ricky
    Slaughtered house

    Biggest failed cd of the year…god forgives, I don’t leaked…

  • casper21

    I knew they were lyrically elite from their first album, sure most people in here have an issue with at least one member, but if you choose not to give them their dues, that’s on you. When they signed to shady and started chillin in the studio with producers, spending real time on records I really thought that they would be able to craft some amazing material with depth, substance, and emotion. I thought that above all thats where shadys influence would show. But it hasn’t, and I’m still gonna have to wait till the album to see if this move makes them better as a group or not.

  • @gsells29

    what the fuck are half of the fools talking about seriously do you hear the wordplay and flow from royce and alot of people dont kno about crooks talent thats why he out spitted all them niggas on a several different occasions

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