• Converse

    Umm Nas

  • First….Biggie

  • Pyrex Visionary

    Somebody put a muzzle on this wack ass nigga and tell Chris Lighty he wastin his time & money. FOH!

  • Jack Bahlzak

    Shyt was banging! Only thing iz EVERYBODY knows Nas shitted on Jay and wrote arguably the greatest diss track in Hip Hop history. Might peep da mixtape when it drops, dude got a grimey delivery.

  • BRu

    During “Peak & Prime”: BIG > Nas > Jay
    Talent: Nas > BIG > Jay

  • hands

    he obviously recorded this before life is good leaked. big time fail saying nas fell off. he just dropped the best album this decade so far.

  • EZPimpin

    Why the fuck hasn’t anybody mentioned Tupac? I thought that one was pretty much unanimous.

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  • belize

    this shyt go hard son

  • L


  • fastflipper

    jay ))))))))))) biggie

    stop dick riding nas

  • Jungle

    Dumb ass nigga must ain’t heard the new Nas

  • Montalvo

    This is the Gayest shit I ever have heard. Fuck this shit, waste of my time

  • Black Shady

    Pac the greatest tho

  • mac daddy

    dat beat doe


    All you need to do is ask yourself if Biggie was alive today would he sell out and do a duracell commercial.

    YES if he fell off and needed the money
    NO because hes already to caked up after runnin the game for the last 15 years

  • leaf

    Jay vs BIG………………Big
    Jay and big vs Nas…………….NaS

    Nas the greatest………and second PAC …act like y’all know

  • zeee

    you can tell who the youngins in here are.

  • Mynds

    Y’all buggin Jay the best ever. No mc has more classic albums NOBODY. Period end of story.

  • Tizzy

    pac is like MLK he had a message which makes him great but i see Nas and Big Poppa as the illest to ever live

  • pILLpusha

    Put another one on the board for Jay!! The man has numerous classics!

  • first the fuck of all…why the fuck are you another rapper rapping about which of these niggas is the greatest….either way they’re better than YOU ! as a rapper, ain’t you suppossed to at least put yourself up there ? I hate niggas.

  • PEEP

    adlibs are annoying as hell, murda.

  • tc

    Who’s the best MC’s Biggie, Jay-Z and Nas , there can’t only be one in New York

  • XXBomberXX

    It sounds like a 6 year old wrote this rap.

  • Drake is not a rapper

    2Pac. Fuck Jay-z , overrated motherfucker

  • Thecool

    Man Jay-Z hands down. Big was the greatest to live but u can’t tell me jay wouldn’t b as big as he is now even if he was alive. Nas is a beast ( him saying he ever fell of is fucking crazy) but he’s not persistent with his body if work. Jay makes classic after classic ( y’all wasn’t ready for KD) but its still in ur own opinion

  • Blizz

    Cheap way to get attention by using an argument that easily generates responses.

  • bumpy johnson

    hova hands down ………

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Kreahawn is the best….

  • bucks

    get the fuuuuuuuck outahere nas fell off??????????????? niga plz! lmaoooo zoomzom WTF? i think jay would be the guy he is today if big was alive man cumon now we all know that!

  • Oz

    actually goat is eminem…at his prime only tho on his 3rd album and only on that album i havn’t heard skill wise on all levels meet that he was on some holy ghost shit but then he fell off

  • Tru Talk

    Nas and Pac better than the both of them hands down….. nd also how Nas fall off when his new album #1??? Fuck Gay Z he stole half his rhymes

  • Mr nice fade

    This biased Brooklyn shit..this monkey face looking for attention. Jordan of the rhymes? CMON IS THIS NIGGA high saying Nas fell off. How u fall off wwhen u got 6 number one albums 8 plat. whats falling off these days fuck this song!!!!!

  • BlackDivine

    much respect to 2PAC for his content,passion,and his message, but 2 pac had no flow
    that could match an ny flow,so he’s not in the competition,he had everything but the technical flow.

    and Eminem is just the great white hype,he has the skillz that most eastcoast rappers have yea,but what does he talk about? what are his classics? let him be the goat for white ppl,but thats about it.
    *fades away doing the squeaky eminem voice*

  • Eminem is goat
    Most successful albums of all time
    8 mile the best hiphop movie handsdown

  • SanchoDick

    One of ya’ll said Eminem fell off?
    Eminem is GOAT.
    If em dropped a solo album today, it would be number one for two months and a half.
    if he dropped a colaborative album, it would be number one for one and a half months (until some country singer finally beats him after 7 weeks).
    If it SUCKED it would still be number one.
    if he posts a song on rap radar he would have the most comments/views/listens/etc.
    Jay is good, nas is fuckin dope, big is big, pac is ill
    vut none can compare to em.

  • This guy above me said it all
    Eminem draws the most interest which makes him goat
    Fuck all that Who had more classic albums shit cuz thats all opinion

  • ccc

    JAY Z only around because the real niggas died

  • Dee

    ay you gotta post that new cole verse chaining day

  • BlackDivine

    eminem sells because there are 200+ white people in the usa,
    that is why,not because he is a dope rapper,not because he is the nicest,
    he could sell 200+ million copies and it wouldnt mean anything,except white people support him.
    what real hiphop DJ every played an EMINEM set at a club? lol,are u serious?
    and im sure eminem even knows this,he’s not dumb.
    and please tell me this great eminem classics? lol, im the real slim shady? lol
    how many lines did anyone take from eminem that are known as classic lines? cmon now,lol
    what rapper ever used a chopped up eminem verse in their song? lol
    did dj premier every once use an eminem sample in one of his beats? lol
    what kind of legend is that?

    *fades away in the squeaky eminem voice*

  • BlackDivine

    200+ million

  • HYPE

    GFID Leaked

  • FTW

    Uncle Murda on his Brooklyn shit.

    I ain’t trying to shit on Nas (c)

  • Yup !


    NOW THE SOUTH GOT IT!!!!!!!!

    HA !


    I wouldnt be surprised if UNCLE MURDA was one of them OLDFACED, ASHY LIPPED, BAGGY GIRBAUD, RED NEWPORT BOX SMOKING, cornballs that tried to rob CHARLEMAGNE for a drop the other morning……LOL.

  • kayandgee


  • Scrilla

    We all know Hov would rap circle around Biggie…

  • Scrilla

    And sure Eminem is the GOAT rapping about killing his mother and getting raped… I can listen to Tyler for that

  • RealRap

    Eminem is GOAT. Period.

    Ok he’s white so that means white people automatically buy his albums right ? But wait we have seen a white rapper before , Did they sell ?
    I’ll wait…. Only rapper with 2 diamond plaques…. But i know i know Sales have nothing to do with the fact he can RAP. I’m tired of people sayin he s hype because he is white or he is who he is just cause he’s white. His lyrical content and ability is #1… Musicly he is the most creative not to mention he has produced for both jay on several tracks and for big on several remade songs you ALL liked at some point. Big was and still is great but after Two albums who knows what he would of been. If 50 died after get rich or die trying then he would of been one of the greatest too right ? Jay Z is the king of new York. Nothing more nothing less. Nas top 5. On any list. He had his off points but that life is good is a good reminder of who godson is.

    *fades away with the voice of east coast rap*

  • Wasteland


    Paul Wall? Yelawolf? ICP? Necro? Atmosphere? Vinnie Paz? Brother Ali?

    they sold a lot of albums? right?

    get the fuck outta here! Eminem is the only white rapper who sells, because he is the GOAT!

  • BN Vs YN



    Are you people insane?? Tupac had the greatest PERSONALITY Hip Hop has ever seen! There cannot be any debate there. He also had the strongest work ethic that the culture has ever witnessed, Agreed.


    Stop showing your ignorance toward a culture your words know nothing of. EVEN IF MUSIC IS SUBJECTIVE- Tupac wouldn’t even call himself that. We need to kill that noise, for even at the peak of Pac’s career, there were at least 15 active emcees that would have wiped the floor with him.

    Just because a person has passed away, it doesn’t mean they were perfect.

  • the fact that this is a even a debate shows that jay did something right. In life, hip hop, music, & business. you hip hop heads will always go against the grain. i feel ya’ll though, gotta represent. but out of all ya’ll comments above @BBGUN said the realest shit.

  • frank

    i think BIG is very good but jay did it all to stay top for a very long time require a lots

  • Jdub

    2pac biggie nas then jay. My opinion

  • Yall buggin

    Jay Z is the most successful and he’s nice but B.I.G is the nicest MC who ever lived.. he took the crown from Nas and he had it before he died, Jay has it now by default, yes Nas ethered Jay but Jay has had the better overall career, I’m looking at from the point where Biggie died and he was the best at that time, so anything after that you can’t really compare. You can say that Jay Z is the most successful of all time but not the best.

  • bry from boston

    Goat – Big
    Alive – Jay
    Ya fav rappers fav – Shady

  • london

    Pac.Nas.Marshall.B.i.G. no particular order. any of these 4 rappers can be the goat.jay-z?HA

  • Angelo

    I “ALWAYS” notice that when people argue Jay-Z they give you the same arguments ( #1 albums, consistency, run) But they never give you anything “Technical”. The only technical part of rapping that Jay does better than Nas is his wordplay, and it’s not by much… Lyricism, Creativity, StoryTelling, Personal Depth, Imagery, Connection… Nas wipes the floor with Jay, you fronting if you say otherwise! BIG had better wordplay than Jay, better Creativity, Storytelling, Depth, Imagery, and is probably even with Jay lyrically. Niggas is straight hypemen for Jay-Z, but can never make any valid arguments about rapping. We don’t give a fuck about the #1 albums, 96-03, etc, etc…That nigga Jay can’t outrap BIG or Nas…PERIOD!

  • Jay-z is not Top 5 . FACT

    lol at bitches getting offended by someone else’s opinion.emotional motherfuckers

  • Ivy blue Hov

    Why cant we all have our opinions, hare them and keep it moving? Why niggas always gotta argue about this shit. I prefer jay to all them niggas for reasons it will take forever to go into. i still think nas, em, big, pac, raekwon….. all them niggas nice. my favourite meal is rice and curried goat but i aing hating on some fried chicken, i fuck with that too…… ou can have a favourite and fuck with other options too, it aint like cheating on your woman. niggas today got emotions like bitches man….

  • rahrahrah

    Uncle Murda! I still get an urge to go listen to “cough up a lung” every now and then. Ha! He’s in the same lane as Alley Boy for me. Some aggressive ignorant shit that I can’t let my educated friends know that I listen to.

    As for who is the greatest? Man most of that shit is a popularity contest. Was Mike Jackson, Michael Jordan, Ali, Mike Tyson, Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, Wes Montgomery, Bob Marley, John Coltrane, Carl Lewis….the greatest?

    I can’t call it. If you can call it then you’re better than me son.

    Big up to Murda for having the top post. Hope the shrapnel ain’t still stuck in your head. Ha Haaah!

  • Add Your Comments

    alotta of these mothafuckas be hating on Hov. smh

  • lmfaooo

    this was 5 mintues of dick suckin straight up

  • The Truth

    No one is hating on Jay but the truth hurts, numbers wise Jay is the most successful out of Big and Nas but we are talking strictly lyrical skill and it’s Biggie hands down. The way Biggie rode the beat was unmatched, people see where we Jay z is now and thinks that automatically makes him better, listen to the wordplay on the world is filled, all about the benjamins, and kick in the door, plus all the times Jay used Biggies rhymes and it wasn’t just paying homage neither, numbers wise and influential wise Jay has done more for the culture, Biggie is Jordan Jay is Kobe. Close but no cigar!!!

  • HB

    Shout out to uncle murda for this. gotchu niggas all angry early in the morning: 2PAC this, Nas that. Wu-tang this. eminem that. FOH

  • FTW

    Murda on his Brooklyn bullshit.

    All true, but Nas has the crown now.

    Jay has to actually make a hip hop album again.

    Shawn fucking with the wrong people in the game right now.

    That verse on 3 Kings was so uninspired it’s was painful.

  • michelle michelle

    Jay’s consistency is unprecedented. I don’t think we can assume BIG would have that kind longevity.

    If we lost LL, Snoop or 50 in their prime, we would be saying the same about them. As great as those guys were, they’ve been around long enough that they’re not even in anyone’s top 5 anymore.

  • B_

    Jay-z is the greatest rapper period. no rapper has as many #1 albums as him. You cant say biggie or tupac is better because u only heard two albums from them. Jay-z been in the game running it since 96′. all his albums are platinum. Nas is good but reconize the numbers and stats, and that goes for biggie and tupac as well. Numbers dont lie. Stop hating on Jay cause he doing multi-million dollar business deals that simple niggas dont think about…and niggas quick to say he selling out or going commercial….eat a dick

  • Brahsef

    @RealRap you’re bringing up Eminem’s production?! Now you’re just stannin.

    Eminem’s production is god awful. I’ll give you, renegades was a banger, but every other song he produced tried to mimic that success.

    Eminem hasn’t been consistent enough with his albums to be considered the best. Slim Shady and Marshall Mathers LP are classics, but not on the same level of Ready to Die, Reasonable Doubt, Blueprint, Illmatic

    And his latest albums are straight trash. He’s as emo as Drake now. Who wants to hear a self loathing multimillionaire who has 2 diamond plaques

  • The Truth

    @ B_

    There is a difference between number 1 albums and million dollar deals and pure rap skill, the bottom line is that Jay has benefited from the death of Big and Pac, besides numbers don’t always tell the whole story, if that’s the case Pac and Eminem has sold more albums than Jay-Z, when Biggie was here Jay wasn’t on top, quantity is not better than quality, you can’t equate #1 albums and albums sold and million dollar deals as your standards for who is better, what about the actual lyrics? Jay Z’s dopest songs(and he has had a lot of them) still not fuckin with the verse from B.I.G on Benjamins!!!

    I been had skills, Cristal spills
    Hide bills in Brazil, about a mill’, the ice grill
    Make it hard to figure me, liquor be kicking me
    In my asshole, undercover, Donnie Brasco
    Left my East coast girl the Bentley to twirl
    My West coast shorty, push the chrome 740
    Rocking Redman and Naughty, oh where my kitty kat?
    Half a brick of yay in the bra where her titties at
    And I’m living that, whole life we push weight
    Fuck the state pen, fuck hoes at Penn State
    Listen close it’s Francis, the praying mantis
    Attack with the Mac, my left hand spit, right hand
    Grip on the whip, for the smooth getaway
    Player haters get away or my lead will spray
    Squeeze off until I’m empty, don’t tempt me
    Only to Hell I send thee, all about the Benji’s

  • Homie

    WELL…We can all be sure the GOAT will never be Uncle Murda

  • Kevs


  • @Artise1

    We don’t tell on ourselves, this ain’t the ‘First 48’ Officer where is my lawyer, vet the f*ck out my face.

  • get it right

    i’m not trying to be a hater or anything but this is a waste of time to make this song. It’s pointless.

  • @ Wasteland

    Beastie Boys? Vanilla Ice?

  • chilleymost

    if we are speaking only on music,,then its nas,,,,,,,,everything else,,money and business sean carter,,,
    memorable classics,,,,,,,
    pac,(makavelli,,all eyes on me)
    big,,,,(ready to die,,,life after death),
    jay,,,,,(reasonable doubt),,,,,,thats why he wanted the masters from dame and biggs
    nas,,,(illmatic,,,it was written,,,stillmatic,,,,godson,,,,life is god),

  • Nickey Negrito

    Biggies death speed rocketed Jay’s destiny. Jay was still going to make it big. If Big didn’t die, I doubt hip hop music would be as crappy as it is now. THE COMMISSION would be arguably the best album probably invented. They would have went in.

    At least debates about RENEGADE, ETHER, illuminati etc wouldnt be in existence.

  • First of all, Eminem is the greatest of all-time. I’m tired of people trying to discredit him by saying he’s only popular because he’s white. He’s the ultimate lyricist. Second, I’m tired of people saying Nas killed Jay on “Ether”. Jay MURDERED Nas on “Takeover”.

  • Imdone

    @chilleymost, so your saying Jay z only has one memorable classic but nas has 5? okay let me strip his career down to a blend of critical & mainstream high points

    reasonable doubt….hardknock life Vol 2…dynasty…Blueprint…black album…Blueprint 3

  • NickeyNegrito

    Em being “goat” is a someone’s belief that he is. The same for any other rapper. But we cant forget untouchable bars by Rakim FOLLOW THE LEADER-I AINT NO JOKE- KNOW THE LEDGE or Kane SET IT OFF-AINT NO HALF STEPPING-WRATH OF KANE or Krs1 MY PHILOSOPHY -CRIMINAL MINDED-ACT LIKE THEY DONT KNOW- KoolGRap ILL STREET BLUES-ROAD TO RICHES-WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE and so on.

    I hate how you ppl overlook the ones that came before nand act like they wasn’t spitting and being technical back then. Ppl say Pac wasn’t technical never listen to ME AGAINST THE WORLD ALBUM or the song STREETZ IS DEATHROW or MY ONLY FEAR OF DEATH.

    Yall really need to respect a lot of artist instead of calling one goat. Slick Rick made the best story telling album of all times(imo)but you guys give it to Nas or Big, when Nas said on LIFE IS GOOD “how Slick Rick imagination was so slick.”


  • MR.M


  • KingChandler

    Is that Joell in the background of that flick? If not, dude has a stunt double.

  • 80s

    all the real kings come from the line of judah and reside in jeruselum NYC is the mecca of this rap shit fuck what cha herd so only a ny nigga can claim king. Eminem is not apart of the nigga kingdom hes just a natural talent nobody from any hood considers em hes not relevant he does not resonate in the streets only with nerds and bloggers and people outside of the nigga kingdom.Pac is the realist and greatest in my opinion but he cant claim king and he never did because he know he went west and found his whole style westcoast ridah.Nah to be King you have to be rooted in the 5 boroughs you have to be able to get on a premier beat and kill it with NY distinction like biggie, jay z and nas or even ala big L u dig were im comin from? At the end of the day Nas is a prophet and so was Pac but Biggie and jay brought that same grimey flow they would spit on a premier beat and took it to the top of the world. Nas did fall off with the I am and nastrudamus album and came back with stillmatic and gods son then fell off again with street diciple and hip hop is dead.His new album He sounds rejuvinated that nas I am double album bootleg flow(if only he released that double cd instead of that label submitted trash I am album) Biggie is the king forever He never fell off but here on earth Jay z is King listen to his verse on ricky rozays 3 kings there has never been a reign like this in hip hop ever period hell hip hop has never been this big period I wouldnt be supriesed if one day jay z is president of the free world hes that influential keep it real with ya self.

  • Nickey Negrito

    @80s, i co sign 75% of ya comment. Nas I am was a good album imo and if it wasn’t for Tupac being shot back in 94, we would have heard a different Pac. Because ME AGAINST THE WORLD was Pac’s come up, but after the shooting, Pac had venom, anger, passion and he needed to make money. His whole life changed from that point on. But he still left us with jewels. Pac just felt he could go at any moment after that, so i think he just went HAM on recording, acting, fucking, fighting etc. He was a ticking time bomb and he wasn’t calm enough to concentrate on certain things. But he still was a great rapper, and he could have claim king, but he was a REVOLUTIONARY SOLDIER, perhaps GENERAL, and that means a lot more than “king.”


    You stupid motherfuckers, stop mentioning Eminem. He’s a pop artist, not a rapper and besides that we’re talking about EAST COAST (dumb motherfuckers probably don’t even know the difference between East, West, South and Midwest).

    Big Vs Jay > Big
    Jay Vs Nas > Nas

    Simple as that, I mean, it ain’t rocket science

  • jeezy

    Biggest failed cd of the year…god forgives, I don’t leaked…

  • jeezy

    Biggest failed cd of the year…god forgives, I don’t leaked…

  • @_iAM_sam_

    “Get ya CDs out, let’s go song for song…I’m the illest nigga doing it til y’all prove me wrong.”

  • bumpy johnson

    nas one hot album every ten year average ………….. hov is the greatest ever hands fucking down

  • DJ Semtex’s Prosthetic

    wut, since when did nas fall off? neva..

  • looch

    yea we all love nas biggie and jay. did Nas fall off for a minute???? yes he did. did he come back hard???? yes he did. at some point every artist fall off so shut the fuck up. TRUE, nas is one of the greatest rappers alive, hes a beast. TRUE, jay would still be winning if biggie was around and biggie would still be that nigga. B.I.G – NAS – JAY!!! I respect this record brooklyn woulda won either way.

  • david

    where does eminem come in at…?? im confused.

    biggie – nas – jay . simple

  • BlackDivine

    like 80’s say eminem doesnt resonate,its cool white ppl have a larry bird in rap,but em isnt anything special to real rap heads,
    once again,what are his classics?
    what dj’s rock an eminem set?

    all these em stans can talk about is his sales,lol,but once again im not saying emimen isnt skiled,he definately has technical skills. but what is his content? his crazy trailer trash mother? taking shrooms?
    cmon son,skills yes, but his content is wack.
    like i said when em first came out, u can have the best technical rapper in the world,but if he is rapping about going surfing,he’s not gonna be in in the top5 of a real hiphop head.

    80’s again said it best,even about pac, pac was the realest,he had content,passion,but his technical flow wasnt there,so no top 5. but he’s definately Legend.

    to em fans, if u mixed pac and em,then u got a top 5 arguement. em+pac=skillz+content.
    maybe we can make u guys an em with some of pacs dna,then we can argue if its Empac,biggie,jay or nas =)

  • Crook412

    That was horrible on so many levels I dont have time to get into them all.
    I agree with BRu tho on this:

  • DJ_T3C

    8 mile best hiphop movie? FOH !!! You slappin Pac in the face with that…what about Juice? Or even better BELLY!? Thats a hiphop Classic.And Eminem has lyrical wordplay that can’t be touched. But his rise to fame was dissing, Pop artists, killing his babymoms, dissing mariah carey, and hating his mother etc etc; and he’s white. Thats why he will always be #1 on billboards but not in the rap world.
    Ask ppl today from our generation (80s-90s) who’s your top 5? Odds are Eminem not on that list
    And to say Nas fell off? You must be on crack…he doesn’t do radio friendly CDs like Jay-Z..he makes classics!! Nuff said


    Nasir Bin Olu Dara >

  • Scrilla

    Wayne kills Hov
    “Talking about baby money/ I got yo baby money/ Kidnap yo bitch and get that how much you love yo lady money”
    And don’t bring up Eminem because Wayne WASHED him on No Love

  • Blaxdon

    Nas and Hov were both scared of big. There is a tape somewhere (youtube maybe) Where nas was scared to rhyme after big. That nigga passed the mic back. (Word nas) and then when everyone was like fuck that Nas -this queens nigga get in there. He went ahead and spit a written. Both them niggaz knew Big was King. The commision. would’ve helped both but that was more a good look for Jay ‘casue everyone knew who was the king. as far as consistency I guess we’ll never know. Dude with the bowie shot dat nigga!! All that being said though.

    Big Had two albums. Two mufuckin’ classics.
    Jay-z first two albums First was classic. 2nd (was aiight kinda wack yeah I said it)
    Nas First album Classic. 2nd (was cool wasn’t no fucking classic though)

    Big was the best out of all three and the first to put his team on Junior Mafia-and was still gonna do a album with hov

  • gfffghh

    eminem changed music look what happened when he came into the industry… boy bands and girls ruled… nsync sold 2 million then got dissed by em… the next year they were GONE. forget the acting eminem had a little song called “Lose Yourself” which is the most poetic song of all time. and he beat jay-z on his own song “Renegade”

  • yacht

    ^^^ umm,, eminem did have impact. but out of those boy bands came justin timberlake, who blew up even more solo, then britney spears still had a good career, I do agree eminem outshined jay on renegade, but hov is still better overall. So…kinda what you said, but not really. lol

  • Nickey Negrito

    Yo Fuck Eminem……there i said it. Stop bringing this dude in these discussion. Its disgusting. The main topic should just be Big, Jay and Nas. Why Nas? Because Murda mention him in this song. How the hell did Em change the industry? If anything he bought more racism to the game. Out selling every Black artist including Tupac…smdh. White ppl and some Blacks and other ethnicities really support that dude. Tupac spoke some real shit and went thru real shit to sell millions before his death. Em only clowns, he had some thought provoking joints like the gay dude Stan, and still manages to sell on clown shit.

    Em is not better than Big or Jay and thats simply because they dont write. That should be the main topic. How J and B just go in, lay something, take a few takes and then Boom….a hit.

    Em is not better than Nas. Nas drops too any jewels, knows too much ancient history and current events, damn near prophetic, literally change the damn game off 1 album and maintains relevancy after set backs, drama and poor sales. LIFE IS GOOD is proof that Em should stay in his lane.

    He’s nice but forreal foreal, those 3 are nicer!

    One song Renegade, Em got his shine on…yeeeaaahhhhhh! But Jay did much better then Em on syllables.

  • Itz Yourz

    As biggie would say “That broooklyn bullshit, we on it”…lol. Not understanding why uncle murda came out with this. And Jay already said this truism on his second album..in 1998…hood politics…nigga debate all day who the best biggie jay or nas. And thats not disrespect to pac fans or any other fans or someone…its a debate of your local hood stars…not rappers on a whole. So where Uncle murda coming and going with this? This shit would never be settle because one of them niggas is dead. so enough with the what if games…and the should of would of thoughts. When it comes to those two…one was the ambassdor for brooklyn and one is the spokeman for brooklyn.

    And someone said nas second album wasnt a classic? You bugging. Its guarantee any song your drop that you like by nas is off that album and the first one.

  • jamesrowdy29

    It should be titled the best in New York because not mentioning 2Pac is disrespectful, by the way it a wack concept of a song anyway.