J.Cole Recites “Chaining Day” Verse

Jermaine was in town last night and and made a guest appearance at Mike Barber and DJ Spynfo’s Mic Check showcase. He explained his reason for not flooding the internet with music and then recited a new verse from his song, “Chaining Day”.

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  • Mooch3000

    Keep speaking that real Cole, #truthbetold, can’t wait 2 hear new music from u my nigga, keep grinding real niggas respect ur hustle

  • Mr nice fade

    I met cole trust me hes a cool dude real humble. Hes passion for rap runs deep thats all we need.Twitter got cats running crazy he stood back smart move.

  • Young Simba

    Cole dropping heat!cant wait for that new album shit is gonna be classic!cole world mo money mo hate

  • PHREASHest

    “…well laugh on white man, i ain’t paid as you//but i bet ya rims ain’t the same age as you…”…tell ’em Cole! ha!

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  • @tshiamofs

    Dopest shit I hv heard him spit in a while

  • RealTalk

    That bucket hat tho

  • Sincere

    Thats all I been sayin. The market gets saturated easily, when u drop a song a week. There’s a loss of value and quality when u crank em out like a factory. Thank u Cole for keepin the stock up

  • D

    the king

  • Kunta Kente

    Jermaine does realize he is white and raised by his white side of his family right?

  • Inside I’m Ice! Outside I’m Lava!

    “even if my chain get snatched, I’m still not free”, nice word play, just like that song it cost me a lot.

  • I MISS THE 90S

    @Kunta Kente raised by white family doesn’t equate to having black skin. if you’re part black and you look the part you will always be a nigger in the eyes of society.

  • Yo

    @ I miss the 90s

    Hate when people say shit like that.
    Letting white supremacy go unchecked.
    J.cole should embrace both sides equally, whether them crackas like it or not.
    because that’s what REAL niggas do right…?

    Hate when mixed people act extra black to overcompensate for their lack of it.
    That shit is excruciating to watch.

    Also this song was already made by someone else back in 2010.

  • Aight, feeling that… like on some Def Poetry shissssh!

    make music & be proud of it! dope

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  • Vee

    Cole World no blanket!

  • TPride

    best shit ive heard in a minute, smart move to lay low and get the demand up

  • Jus10

    This clown just said something like “white man laughing cause he got mo’ money than me… well I got bigga rims than you”. smh. Cole needs to take a financial wealth class. Learn how to save a part of your paycheck and stop being racist.

  • dee

    translation jayz said no music yet nigga blu ivy keeping me busy

  • dee

    and the rim line was dumb if ross wouldve said dat he wouldve got clowned

  • Word

    @Jus10 Please dont let the hate mess the lyrics up for you. When did Cole say that? Go back and listen my dude. Dumb ass niggas look for shit to nitpick and end up looking dumb in the process smh.

    For the record he said “Go on laugh white man, I aint as paid as you…but I bet your rims aint the same age as you.” Listening > Hearing.

    Either way, good shit from Cole glad he’s not flooding the blogs like some of these other dudes do. I would like SOME new music tho. At least one track. This is cool though.

  • Word

    And how can he be racist? He’s half white. Do your research. @Jus10

  • KingChandler

    Fuck a race, this dude is just nice period. Everybody caught up in how he was raised, he’s only trying to uplift anyway, the fuck does it matter, he’s not one of these rappers that are detrimental to society. With the amount of artists nowadays that put out 10 songs a week talkin’ about absolute shit yall need to embrace Cole.

  • Dee

    thanks for posting my vid. For more updates on Cole/Music sub to http://youtube.com/deeforthree

  • M.T

    cant wait to hear the CDQ version of this. Lyrics are similar to “Cost Me Alot” and that was my shit. Next track Cole drops will most likely be worth the wait.

  • M.T

    Jus10 says:
    Thursday, July 26 2012 at 2:25 PM EST

    This clown just said something like

  • Black Shady

    COLE WORLD!!!!!11

  • this shit was dope! need some new music from the young boy!

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  • WiscoFinest

    Damn that man is real.

  • WiscoFinest

    Fuck some of you ignorant bastards hate on EVERYTHING.

    I don’t even have time to lay it out for you, but why the fuck are you all checking his videos if you don’t like the man’s music??

    You think I’m hunting down Rick Ross news??? Fuck outta here

  • mad props to j.cole

  • JHP

    As a mixed kid growing up I can certainly say that it doesn’t change much. The black kids were always more willing to accept me into their circles, then the white kids were. If a white girl didn’t date black dudes, I didn’t get a half-white pass. The police and old white people stare at me just like they do a fully black person, so a mixed person’s life isn’t too much different from a black person’s life, not that it matters anyway. My mom’s half of my family is white and I love them to death, but I’m fully aware that a lot of whites still look down on me. I’m sure it’s not different with Cole he just rapping that real