Lupe Fiasco Breaks Down On RapFix

Lupe appeared on MTV‘s Rap Fix yesterday and during his interview, he broke down after watching scenes from his 2006 My Block special. To hear him to tell it, some of the people in the footage are deceased or behind bars.
It’s some of them dudes is dead. Chicago’s the murder capital. The dudes in that video are in prison, a couple of fed cases, and then there’s ghosts. You see people that, that ain’t there.
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  • mikey

    lupe needs a haircut

  • onenutned

    now thats a real hood nigga…fuck these other cats.

  • jack tripper

    This is real. I got mad respect for Lupe after seeing this. The killing in Chicago need to stop.

  • Kidster

    A never ending cycle… it’s sad but it’s exactly whats goin on out there

  • rahrahrah

    Knowledge Reigns Supreme.

    Thanks Lupe. He may not be the best to do it, but at least he is in the tradition of Hip-Hop.

    All those cats out there selling disease to the children…that ain’t hip-hop. I don’t care how many excuses you want to make. You don’t know any better? Then shut the fuck up!

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  • Dreadstar*

    Lot of Respect for Lupe, real humbling video.

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  • Deerawz

    Our people need to wake up, from NY and a 4 year old was shot and killed 2 days ago makes no sense, last week 3 year old shot in the leg 5 last night in Harlem getting crazy

  • FTW

    That’s why I avoid looking at pictures or videos of my people that’s been taken from me as much as possible. When you make it out and your people don’t….you feel guilty. I know the feeling, and that shit is a genuine emotion for people that come from where we’re from.

    Hold your head Was, stay strong good brother.

    Damn….this Dunya is such a wicked wicked place.



  • Geez

    Lupe is the realest rapper alive. I’m from Louisiana and he said him New Orleans is bad and Baton Rouge. We had a serial killer for a couple years. The violence and ignorance needs to stop everywhere!

  • Yeah Right

    I got a feeling this nigga is a Frank Ocean down low nigga…. them tears are for the camera talking about he knows killers yeah ok, staged like Terrell Owens crying about Tony Romo, that’s my quarterback (sniffle sniffle) fuck outta here.

  • s

    well we need to fix the problem

  • Tokyo Tony

    Living Legend…..

    Last real nogga alive that’s official


    This is the type of shit hip hop needs! Lupe is the realest and the most talented hip hop artist out here! @Yeah Right, I’m sorry for your ignorance. This shit is really fuckin’ up our world and we’re so oblivious. We need to wake up!

  • Yeah Right

    Life is real murder is real but his tears are fake If the dudes on the video are dead I’m pretty sure he knew that before he came on the show. I hate when people get a little success they start dressing and acting weird and people call them geniuses… no them niggas are weird, Lauren Hill Lil Wayne Cee Lo Andre 3000 Lupe Lady Gaga in Gagas case it works because she white.. that weird shit dont works for niggas.

  • Deadprez

    LOL at everyone talking bout how “real” this dude is… Can you say PUBLICITY STUNT?! Everybody’s so gullible these days.. Making it easy for these fraudulent cats..

  • captkey3s

    According to Lupe’s logic: Other people died and are behing bars so why care. Sad but nigga still get no love from me.

  • Truu

    @Deadprez you’re very ignorant, how is this a stunt? 6 years ago when he first gained popularity he said he didn’t like it, 6 years later the subject matter of his songs haven’t changed. You’re ignorant you’d rather hear Officer Ricky glorify a life he didn’t even live. That’s why I fuck with Ab-soul, Kendrick and J. Cole. Regardless I can dig Trap rappers who glorify it because it’s what they came from but most of them should know better. It’s called a Trap for a reason, it’s a trap.

  • Jayman

    Most of these dudes on here so ignorant. Crabs in a barrell ass mentality this is the same shit that keeps us from rising. Lupe FNF up!

  • Lethargic1

    This is the 1st time I’ve seen Lupe emotional like that. The comments on here are pretty ignorant, foolish, and crass. What does Lupe gain from crying about his dead friends? Nothing. Most these rappers when talking about dead friends of there’s they brush it off or have some bland rest in peace for them and continue promoting their album/mixtape/tour. Lupe was genuinely in his emotions because of friends he’s lost and misses. Stack Bundles is a good friend of Lupe’s and he still talks about him to this day on his death. Stfu if you truly have nothing mildly articulate to say.

  • Lupe Fiasco (Funkmaster Flex edition)

    Who? Were they in New York? New Orleans? You know other people were dying in other cities, right?

  • The Truth

    All these dudes who talk about their homies that are dead or in jail but when they are in a position to help they aren’t offered jobs they are used to be in the video to make your favorite rapper look good to the fans!!!

  • really23

    @ Yeah Right

    Stop Hatin’. Wtf U happy to see niggas get smoked out here???

  • QBoogz

    Fuck this dude, I’d rather listen to Midnight Marauders and cry because its one of the illest albums ever made. Kick rocks Loopy.

  • HYPE

    Chicago is turning into a Police State there gonna run the hell out that bitch man

  • theraflu

    He is fasting for Ramadan so he is spiritually feeling for his world. 50 bodies every weekend in N.O. , Chi, Detroit, Philly. A Muslim man got gunned downed (22 bullets and they reloaded) while police dogs getting airlifted to hospitals. WE DYING BLACK PEOPLE. WE OUT HERE DYING.


    AS real as it gets…This is real.

  • Iran the race

    Big Salute to Bro Lupe! Lupe is a real Black Man with a real heart.. Keep ya head up bro, reinforcements are on there way….

  • This is a MAN. Hate it or love it,he just goes against the grain. I respect that.

  • aaaaannnndddd…420!

    …stupidity reigns through some of these comments… And what’s sad it’s a cycle that can’t be changed. If Lupe emotions didn’t hit a nerve real or fake it doesn’t change the fact that world exist and is constantly glorified. To make it in America as a African America is truly hard work and to be still considered the nigga in the room is unfair. (only a few partake)

  • I feel this dude man… I know the emotion… At the end of the day fame does not equal money… Just cuz u famous and got a name dont mean that u can save all of your friends from the hood.. Even if u have a couple of dollars you cant take care of everybody and their Families.. MC Hammer tried to do it and look where it got him.. Blew 40 Million and at the end of the day when the money ran out everybody went right back to the hood. The only thing u can do is try to educate.. Those u absorb the knowledge will try to find their way out. Those who dont.. Only thing left to do is pray for em..

  • PPrrootteesstt

    I felt this. If you didn’t, I don’t see the need for negative comments. Lupe has never been the type to do shit for attention, so why would he be that now? One of the many genuine artists in hip hop.

  • @KingofTeez (twitter)

    this showed me a side of Lupe I didn’t know.. takes a real nigga to show emotion like that. You can def tell it hurts him to see his people in this condition. Props to Lupe. Wish that brother much success in his future endeavors. Whether I am a fan or not dude showed me a lot in this clip…

  • oh shit…

  • Marko-V

    At first I thought he was fronting and acting then he started talking about the reasons and I understood. Much respect because with so many cats shootin youtube videos now and living a lil in they hood due to the cameras they’ll go through this same moment Lupe felt. Best believe years later when they look back at their work and revisit their catalog and see faces from the past they’ll understand too.

  • KingChandler

    R.I.P. to anybody killed over nonsense, fuck singling out a certain area. More people on here concerned with whether or not his tears are real than staying focused on the big picture.

  • thecool

    @Yeah Right

    This man just epressed to the world how real it is for ppl in the hoods everywhere. The pain we go through just to even make it through the day and all you could comment about was if he gay or not. TF is wrong with you. He clearly didnt know they were gonna play the clip or he would have prepared his self or asked them not to show it. This is why Hip-Hop is at a stand still right now, we have ppl like u who want to put down rappers that are actually for the people. Who’s ur favorite rapper MIMS.


    “This some deep shit
    It’s my me impersonatin’ we shit
    Vicariously in every rap I speak with
    I hope you’re speakin’ for me, if I’m ever speechless
    Cause I’mma be you
    Even though you’re not here to be with
    I hope I see these gangsters actin’ like teachers
    Wake up out they sleep, dare to dream
    In a world so Martin Luther King-less”

    Interview makes this part of Lu’s verse on Always Shine much more meaningful.

  • M.T


  • Royalty of this shyt!

    crazy a true dude man..

  • Powerful stuff. Big up to Lupe. Big up to Sway for handling that situation with class.

    Interview of Sway Calloway :

  • Oz

    real nigga what up

  • Ummah_es_Salaam

    this isnt so powerful, unfortunately its reality. n I assume y Lupe is getting the kudos is cuz there’s so much see thru shit in associated with the industry that its refreshing to see someone that made it actually give or fuck or can actually possibly relate to so many of our realities. Our meaning the ones that’s living portions of the hardship lives artists glorify. I can see y some maybe skeptical of the authenticity of lupe’s emotions but to comment negatively bout something that u have no way of proving makes u look like a crab ass dude like someone stated previously. n thats whats sad not so much actions of the past but the reactions to the present. wake up means to open your eyes to the right now. things arent gon change over night but to change your mentality if its full of poison or to think out the box if its keeping u or your perspective on others’ capabilities trapped in would be a positive step for the future, n even then shit is still gonna happened cuz its been that way since the beginning of time but that crab hater sour shit is a personal flaw mafuckas gotta change. Especially MY black brothers and sisters.

  • I can tell by these comments a lot of you niggas never been face to face with somebody you loved dead in a casket over some bullshit. Until you do, you won’t be able to relate to this at all.


    sway-z says:
    Thursday, July 26 2012 at 11:57 PM EST

    I can tell by these comments a lot of you niggas never been face to face with somebody you loved dead in a casket over some bullshit. Until you do, you won

  • JOHNYblaze

    good video clip remember watching this when it aired and being a fan of lupe then with his first few mixtapes and along the lines he kind of lost me but this is too real.

  • jamesrowdy29

    Lupe is one of the few that is still in touch and shows he cares. What he is feeling is no different than me watching old MLK, Tupac and Malcom X videos and come to find out not much has changed. Very sobering especially for him because he is famous and rich..

  • Cole World

    Real shit. Mad respect.

  • Tizzy

    Even if you dont belive em. You can atleast respect what he is saying.

  • Tru Talk

    Anyone who hate on this…. well, speachless

  • HDL

    Lupe looks like a skinny Prop Joe with that hair!


  • Cali760

    Fuck, Chicago looks like Gotham City for real. I mean the majority of the Batman films was actually shot in Chicago…

  • TheVsLife

    Now Atlantic gonna try and make Lupe talk so real nigga shit over a dance beat.

  • Itz Yourz

    Just being human. You anit got to be hard, callous,cold all the time. Looking back at a lot of niggas you know of dont know can cause you to get emotional.

    Fuck the police and fuck the clan…we are our own number one threat to ourselves. we killing our own selves off at a high rate. ALways thought united we stad divided we fall was a bullshit motto they put in songs. But its looking like a creed we need to follow. Be concerned about yourl brother people….know who your enemy is…and its not him, the one that looks like you.

  • Mind Power

    what happen to the niggas i shouted out on my first shit? Bo cooking blow slay that where Turkey at? old videos show niggas that was murdered since another reason to get further bent.